Mistaken for the postman

I have been really frustrated since my 10k race as my calf/ankle refuses to heal. So having rested it I did a 5K run earlier in the week. Very slow and calf/ankle protested a little but not too much. So more rest, compression, ice and I tried another slow run today as I want the endorphins. My route was a lot of downhill followed by a lot of uphill, flattish then back downhill and back uphill. 8.5K in total and I was happy with my splits but not with my calf/ankle which is back under compression and roaring.

The Asics plan I followed has scheduled runs for tomorrow and sunday but I think I'm going to have to submit to the injury couch and rest for a week or so. Work is really busy which never helps.

Once I hit the 8k mark today I slowed down for my cool down and started walking. Up comes a very growly/barky Rottweiler. It's okay the owner says he thinks your the postman. (Don't buy a red windproof jacket) So I took my cap off opened my jacket and let the rottweiler sniff me. I now know while I look like the postman I don't smell like him and I had a pleasant cool down with the owner chatting away.

Happy Weekend running all



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  • Postmen do have it tough don't they. You have to feel for them.

    Sorry you're feeling your calf/ankle! You don't want to do you! You want NOT to feel them at all. Very frustrating but not much you can do other than rest up for a bit. It won't be long I'm sure

    Eat plenty of vitamin B-rich foods to speed up healing. My son's chiropodist told me this when he had the verruca from hell. She said the feet are last in the queue as regards the body's resources so you need to make them heal faster by including foods rich in VitB to get better faster. Plenty of delicious ones in that group so it shouldn't be a hardship

  • Oooh thanks for the tip MW. Marmite here I come

  • Hello MissW, did it work, did it help the verruca (my son -15yrs- is in the same boat)?

  • That's interesting, I didn't know that! My feet are always a bit manky, verrucas and athletes foot etc..I thought it was because I did so much swimming. I'll give it a go...

  • I pity the poor postman! Hope your leg is soon on the mend!

  • Thanks Ully - I did think it wasa good job I was walking and not running otherwise I might have ended up with a Rottweiler attached ;-)

  • Hope your leg heals soon, GF. Your frustration at not being fully fit is jumping out of the screen.

  • Thanks EpicMum my own fault for trying to run on it so frustrated and stupid ;-)

  • My son's verruca got really bad as our gp practice decided to stop treating them so all the previous measures tsken at school and swimming pools etc was dropped. He ended up having to have regular hospital sessions to get it out. it was at one of these that i was given the tip by his chiropodist. It dropped out after many treatments but i would say it was down to the treatment rather than the vitamin b. It had to heal up of course hence the supportive diet

  • Sorry to hear about your ankle/calf. Make sure you do rest. Don't do any serious damage. Must be so frustrating though when you want to go out. :( scary about the dog. That would have freaked me out!! I ran round a corner straight into a dalmation once and that was enough for me!!! Hope your feeling better soon. Rest!!!!!

  • Thanks Lou. May have to go back to short runs on the dreadmill for now.

  • Be worth it though to be back out there faster. Be careful.

  • Sorry you are suffering with the ankle GF. Is walking OK, if so then I suppose that Rico wont be too fussed ;)

  • It is painful walking as well I'm afraid may have to give in and go see the quack. I'll strap it up again and see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks Zev

  • Sounds ouchy. Best wishes for a fast recovery GF.

  • Thanks Zev

  • What a bu**er GF! I hope you hadn't planned to take Mrs GF dancing for Valentines! You'll just have to sit in a chair and be waited on.

  • No IP no dancing for me but maybe Mrs GF can dance for me - mwah ha ha!

  • Ouch...you poor love...get it checked out and lots of ICE. Thanks for the tip about the red coat, I'll bear that in mind...hope Rico was OK??

  • He's fine - doesn't look like a postman ;-)

  • Thanks Kat

  • Sorry about your leg, you must be going crackers... how about a swift kick in the knackers for the dog? Then he'll KNOW you're not the postman...

  • Thanks Curly - Trouble is I have to walk on it with Rico so it never gets complete rest. I blame the owners rather than the dog - poor Postie!

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