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Running after tummy bug

I was so chuffed last week at doing two 5k runs in a week and was hoping to do three this week. So I was pretty disappointed to fall foul to a nasty tummy bug on Monday :-(.

But this morning I felt better and enjoyed a lovely 5k run :-) I was surprised to run so far but I took it slowly and it just happened.

In the past I've worried about losing fitness and not being able to run again if I had a break, but thanks to some great advice from here, I was confident enough to know that I would be fine - and of course I was :-)

So I'd like to thank everyone for any direct help/advice and for the forum generally for just being great.

For anyone new reading this, you can absolutely trust everything we say here - we have been through it all, good and bad - we speak from experience.

I won't make the three runs next week cos I'm off to sunny Spain :-) :-)

But I know when I come back I can catch up with you guys and continue to enjoy running.

Good luck to everyone doing a run this weekend or training for something coming up

:-) x

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Have a wonderful holiday! And I'm happy to hear your tummy problems are over.


That's good your feeling better and it's nice when you get a run that just unfolds like that. Have a happy holiday in Spain!


Glad to hear you have recovered enough to get your 5k run in ;o) Enjoy your hols ;o)


Oooh lovely! Have a great time. It seems a good time to be jetting off as the rain has arrived big style


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