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Help, I've lost something!!

Can anyone help me. A few days ago someone posted a great covering letter to go to GP surgeries to introduce the HealthUnlocked posters that we got with our lovely tee shirts. Unfortunately, being me, I forgot to bookmark it and now can't find it. I'm not talking about IanoddaTruffe's fab c25k poster and letter ( I already have those)

Please someone, tell me you've got a link to the letter- it said everything that needed to be said far more elegantly than I could.

Thanks xx

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AncientMum, it wasn't a post but an email. It's from Hugo and was on 1st August.


Mmmmm... that's what I could have done with before I delivered my posters. Better late than never. Thank you.


Thank you Irishprincess! Of course! I'd completely forgotten it was an email and not a post. Thanks again :)


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