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I've lost Laura!

I have just had to get a new phone after dropping my old one on the road, it didn't bounce very well. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to download the couch app, it says it's not available in the uk, just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue? Is the bbc one the same format, I've downloaded that with Jo Wiley but wasn't sure if it was same time for the different weeks? Thank you

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I don't think the app with Laura is still available. But don't panic! You can still get the Podcasts with her and play those through a Podcast app on your phone. I am sure there are more Tech-savvy people on here who can give you the ins and outs but all is not lost!

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Thanks bundoodle, I have got those downloaded now I will have to have a listen.

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Are you Apple, Android or Windows?

The app you've downloaded is the replacement app I believe, but if you are Android then you can find the old app in your Play Store, just look in Your Apps and Games, then look under All.

Otherwise I can send you the Android installer?


Hi LonleyWalker,

you kindly replied to my post last week and said about downloading Laura but I like ang68 cannot find it so if you could please send this Andoid installer I would greatly appreciate it.



Hi LonleyWalker

I am on Apple, I ran yesterday with Jo Wiley for company off the other app, there's nothing wrong with it I just wasn't sure if it was the same format as Laura? Thank you for your help.


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