So what went wrong?

After completing week 1 last week with no real problems I decided I would repeat this week just to build on my stamina. First run Monday went fine, today though the first run felt stiff and the second run I stopped about 10 secs in actually saying out loud I couldn't do it. I felt stiff in my legs and my knees and 'awkward'.

I did however carry on walking and managed to complete the next six one minute runs (using an app on iphone) and did one more 1 minute run to make up.

What is it though? I always feel stiff on those first runs, heavy and not loose, I stretch before and do a good warm up walk.

Only other thing of note today was new trainers, only some from sports direct from their running wall, prob not the best but better than the court trainers I'd been using (hopefully).


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  • I'd say all that went wrong is that you didn't do the programme (assuming you are doing the NHS C25K - 'OneYou' in the app presentation).

    You stretched beforehand when the warm up is already built in, you didn't move on to Week 2

    Do the Week 2 session next time you go out, take it slowly, slowly, slowly like we always say and I bet you'll do fine. You're ready for it.

  • Thanks for reply, I suppose I felt that there was no harm in doing W1 again, I also thought the stretching would help prior to warm up walk, I'll give your advice a go and try again Friday. I'm fairly stubborn when it comes to things like this so won't give up.

  • Well done for getting started. I agree with GoogleMe, I always do the 5 min brisk walk at the beginning and end of a run and then I stretch after that. As for feeling stiff and awkward I still feel like that after nine weeks so I start the run very slowly and things sort themselves out. Everyone here on the forum will all say take it slow, slow, slow, follow the program and you'll succeed.

  • Think the stiff and awkward is just about building muscle memory, at the moment mines saying this isn't right!!! It's annoying as even in this short space of time my breathing and stamina has improved, it's just the lower half (legs) still don't particularly like it😕

  • Well done for starting the programme - and stubbornness has certainly got me through! I've reached week 8 by sticking to the programme exactly, but my legs ached at the start of each run and was more of a problem than the breathing! It's only this last week when I noticed it wasn't happening until about 15 minutes in, and not as bad as before. So keep going, run slowly (the mantra of this site) and you'll do it.

  • Well done for starting :) Don't worry about feeling stiff and awkward - I still have runs when things aren't quite right. They are known as 'practice runs' :D There's a strong school of thought that suggests you shouldn't stretch from cold - that's what your warm-up walk is for. You can do stretches when your muscles are warmed up, but the idea is that you risk injury if you stretch from cold, unless you are used to this from other sports perhaps. At the beginning of C25K, the warm-up walk should be enough.

    Why not have a go at Week 2? Take it slowly and see how you go. Good luck, and come back and tell us how you get on :)

  • I suspect that the Gremlins got to you just because you were repeating Week 1. It gives you a fantastic sense of achievement first time around, but doing it again is a bit boring and boredom is far worse than aching legs. If you don't succeed in any particular week it's a good idea to repeat until you do - but the moment you succeed - move on. The programme really does work. Like KJR50, my "lead-legs" syndrome didn't even start to ease until at least Week 8. That's just the way it is.

  • Hi. Just thought I'd share my experience. Weeks 1 and 2 I had a sore/stiff neck after running and vague pins/needles so I went to the GP who did a gamut of tests. I was told that everything was fine and I could carry on. The pains then totally disappeared and have not returned! On week 4 I started one run and I just felt my legs were like lead and uncoordinated. I really wanted to stop but carried on .... and now I've just completed week 5 which, strangely, has been my easiest week. Things seem to have got easier as I began to trust the programme. I guess there's the body 'getting used to it' process and the inevitable 'bad run' experience. I'd agree with the advice given: follow the programme step by step and take it nice and easy (i.e. don't try and run too fast too soon).

  • Thanks for all the replies and advice, I'll make sure I stick to the programme and crack on with it.

  • Update..... Completed W2R1 this morning, it was hard but I did it!!

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