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Triathlon challenge complete

Triathlon challenge complete

I have run for 30 mins. I have cycled for 30 minutes. I have engaged in extreme gardening for 30 minutes, as approved by our leader. I know that posting results is not allowed but the photo is evidence of half an hour's digging resulting in lovely new planting opportunities. Not included in the challenge were subsequent sowings of lettuce, spinach and beet root - something to look forward to after autumn runs!

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Hehe, love it!

Apart from the running I'm not sure what other activities I can do.

I don't have a bike and dislike going to the local pool..

Anyway,hope you get a good harvest after all that hard work :-)


You don't have to *like* it! Mainly what I enjoy about swimming is mentally ticking off having done it (Although I have to say that my Discombobulated Triathlon swim was perhaps my most enjoyable actual swim to date) Or you could make a special trip to another pool. Or the seaside!

Borrow a bike? Several people have done that (Dozzer did something novel with an onion to get hold of one)

Someone hula hooped for 30 minutes.


I will turn on my imagination and find things!

I'm on hols next week so will definitely get 30 mins of pool action then :-)

And 30 mins shuffling in the airport!! :-)


Like the sound of the alternative triathlon!!


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