Join the inaugural 30 minute triathlon!

It's The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated and you must join.

Here are the rules - we already have 40 takers!

You are the one for us!!!!! The The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated is the way forward for triathletes such as you! Last two weeks of July is participation fortnight. 30 mins running, 30 swimming (full on serious swim not essential, wading in shallow end is fine) and 30 biking (excerise bike fine). Any order. Any number of days! £1 to charity entrance fee. No results to be posted. (So I don't get depressed about mine which will not be good.) Let me know. I need to keep track of numbers. Join us!


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27 Replies

  • I wish I could - all pools are closed (it winter) and I am not a member of a gym :( I will join the next one though!

  • That will be fab! Hope Chile is exciting!

  • I could join, I probably should join and I would join if I didn't just want to run all the time.

    Would it count if on one of my runs I wore a cycle helmet and carried handle bars and on the other, wore a swimming costume, swim hat, goggles and did breast stroke action with my arms?

  • Fantastic idea. I'm sure Dozz will find a way for this. Is yours going to be a spectator event? It could put a smile on a lot of faces.

  • A YouTube event......ohhh, how about a flash mob thing?

  • Flash mob sight of some of you, yes! In my crocheted onesie, no!

  • Major Waletta it may be entertaining for some but I can only cope with a certain level of humiliation. Are you with us?

  • I was really hoping you wouldn't ask that. I don't do water apart from a shower & an odd drink or two & I medically can't do a bike.

  • Never mind. Prepare the ADC for next year, ha ha ha!

  • You do those, with photos supplied, and you can too be a triathlete!

  • I'll see if I can get my hands on some handlebars!

  • Absolutely surreal. You must do it!

  • Thanks for including a fitness bike. It has been so stinking hot and humid here in PA, although I could probably do early morning on the mountain bike, if I could force myself out of bed. ;)

  • Oh yes, exercise bikes acceptable.

  • I am up for it. It will have to be an exercise bike though, although I am looking for a second hand bike at the moment. The swimming will be completed at a local hotel because where I live doesn't have a pool :(

  • Well done teabreaks, the more, the merrier.

  • Run done this morning - with a couple of 20 seconds forced stops because the dog wasn't going to get out of cars way.... and then she was attacked by a generally quiet Irish Setter at the end of the road, where I turn back - I think it may have been my panting that got him going....

    Will try the swim tomorrow :)

  • Go Pigivi go!

  • I will join the next one if I may. Didn't bring a bike with me and I am NOT swimming in the canal - I know what goes in there!!

  • That's great. See you next year!

  • Can I be a late entry? I cycled to the next village along, taking well over half an hour, and had to recover for the afternoon in the beer garden on Saturday. On Friday I swam for an hour while kids played, and on Monday we ran in the searing heat. :) :) :)

  • The more the merrier, Second Lieutenant Pollynorris (triathlete). See how good that looks! Which charity did you choose?

  • Looks good! cancer research is charity of choice of the moment, having recently done race for life!

  • Well done!

  • Hi Dozzer19, challenge completed! That made a relaxing change on the joints and something I haven't done on my 'rest' days since being a c25k convert:) loved it!, and bought a leisure card for discounted swims for our local pools-THANK YOU :0) and donation too.

  • Hope this counts. I swim for at least 30 minutes three times a week and cycling to and from the Sports Centre at work takes 30 minutes. I cycle to work every day. I aim on Sundays to do run, swim and cycle. Last Sat I did my usual swim in 50m pool for 30 minutes, and ran 5K for the first time on Sunday morning, cycling for 30 minutes to and from the Sports Centre.

    Am considering celebrating my graduation by attempting an informal half triathlon of 30 x 25m (or 15 x 50m) swim lengths in a pool followed by 23.6 miles (38km) cyclle and then 5km run. To be completed all on the same day, but I'll allow myself time to change clothes and dry off and stop for rests and food and drink between activities.

  • nicht_eilen, I assure you I rush nowhere! Good to have you aboard, doz

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