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can any one help

I started C25K to become fitter but also as I had been losing weight and had about 7lb to go to reach my target weight. I am now on week 6 day 2, and have found I am putting weight on not losing it ,don't get me wrong I feel fitter than ever but has anyone else had this happen and is it normal. will it eventually just start to drop. Any one who can help would really like some answers.


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Hi chewy.

Firstly congratulations on your hard work and achievements to date. Don't lose sight of those!

There are several possible reasons for the weight increase. Firstly, muscle weighs more than fat, and all the running you have done so far will have toned your muscles, such as legs, stomach and bum. Don't forget these are some of the biggest muscle groups in the body!

Secondly, have you been eating more to compensate for the exercise you are doing? If so, big mistake. You don't really need any extra calories as such for following c25k, unless you are combining it with other exercises. If you find you are hungrier, try and include more protein in your main meals or snack on healthy options like fruit.

Good luck with your fitness regime. Remember, it's a lifestyle, not a short term fix.


As already mentioned, 2 things come to mind: extra eating or additional muscle gain. Then again, I just had 3 weeks of no weight loss even though I was eating correctly and still exercising. Glad I have body analysing scales. I lost 1 % body fat in those 3 weeks even though weight stayed the same. So, it could be body composition changes. Annoying but rewarding if you can get over the actual number on the scales.


I'm afraid I can't help but I can share your frustration! I started C25K in April, like you, with the aim of getting fitter, but also hoping to lose a bit of weight. Since then I have lost the grand total of 2kg and my tummy actually feels bigger! I don't think I'm eating more - I've always had a pretty healthy diet - and I've started doing extra exercises to strengthen tummy and legs, as well as Laura's strength and flex, so assume it must be my age... Yesterday, to add to my chagrin, my husband even commented, very politely, on the changing shape of my legs, suggesting that they were more flobbily than before I started running! Baggy skin methinks. Ah the joys of growing old...


For me I didn't lose any weight on C25K as part way through I stopped the 5:2 diet. Since graduating though I have lost about 2kg by using my fitness pal (last 2 weeks) and B210K 4 weeks in. I think I probably allowed myself extras during C25K. I do know my shape has changed though including rediscovering stomach muscles that I thought were gone forever ;-) Keep up the good work and you will see benefits


It happened to me but I was over eating for the distances I was running. You don't need food at all when you've only run for 30 seconds. You don't need to eat anything after running 10 k, so if you are treating yourself after a run then I'd knock it off.

The weight will come off if you keep running as per the programme and eating healthily.

Good luck and keep going!


There are quite a lot of posts on this very subject. It seems the running makes your body change it's physiology - muscle doesn't weigh more than fat officially I think but it retains more water ... or something like that. Anyway, don't lose heart, keep running and keep a close eye on the food intake and it will all work out in the end. Most people seem to experience weight loss once they graduate and are running 30 mins 3 times per week.

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I lost weight before I started too, and like you I didn't lose any more whilst doing it, although I didn't put any on. I also do strength exercise to build up core muscle and help with knees etc. What did happen though was a complete change in shape of my legs and arms for the better. Although like Pilgrimpip I still have a belly.

During my marathon training I have been eating like a horse and now that is over I will have to moderate my food intake and up my abs exercises to try and shift those last few lbs.

I tend to have a protein based breakfast which gets me through the morning better than carbs.

My view though is that I am now fitter than ever in my adult life and a few extra lbs are not a worry to me.

Good luck & stick with c25k.


It is such a tricky one. I started c25k and probably about where you now realised with some horror I had gained about 5 - 6lb. I was a little upset about it all. The strange thing was that I felt smaller. Once I got to week 7/8 it all fell away and I was back pretty much where I had started! I think it was water weight and my body was a little shocked at the increase in activity.

I feel now that my weight is not reflective of my size. I can fit into trousers that I have not fitted in for years! I think now I am a little more muscular and it takes up less space and is leaner and I am definitely smaller. I would try and go by measurements and see how it goes.


Thank you all for your comments they did all make me feel like I'm not alone with this problem. I wont give up on it and yes I do have a very healthy diet and do watch portion size .I'm just about to start doing aerobics 3 times a week so maybe that will also help with the weight. Will let you know if it works.


Do you use the free app MyFitnessPal? Don't eat any exercise calories you burn and you will lose weight.


Not used this, done WW in the past so just being careful with what I eat. I don't eat what I work off, started doing a Dvina fitness CD this morning to add to the C25K to see if it helps. Also started using body fat scales as someone suggested. Will have a look at this though and let you knowhow I get on with it .


I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet

and have kept it off since April 2013.


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