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Motivated to do more

Just back from visiting friends and family in south of England. Not seen them since losing weight and graduating C25K.

Their very positive reactions to the new improved slimmer & much fitter me has motivated me to kick start weight loss again. I haven’t lost any weight since before Christmas although my shape has changed for the better with running.

I know the scales are not everything but I still feel uncomfortable around the middle, especially when doing aquafit as the belly is very wobbly. As I result I am going to try to lose another 7 lb or so, which should help with running as less weight to carry.

Got a 5k charity run this Saturday and a 10k the following week at the same time as the local ½ marathon, which I hope I will be able to do next year.

So for those of you struggling with weight loss and C25K, stick in there, both plans work and I am now passing on the word to everyone who has seen the change in me.

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Congratulations. You should be fantastically proud of what you have achieved, and will go on to achieve :-)


Excellent, its great to get even more motivation, although it sounds like you are doing loads anyway. Good luck with your run tomorrow and the 10k. And your sights are set on the 1/2 marathon now! Well done x


very well done ! I ran the week5 run 1 this am, finally felt it coming together, great feeling, spurs you on doesnt it, spurs you on for 1/2 marathon and more weight loss even !


It's lovely when people you haven't seen for a while compliment the new you and you have probably inspired them too. I found out this week that my brother in law, who visited us a couple of weeks ago has given up smoking (using ecigs instead) and training everyday. He said it was because my running had motivated him. I am so chuffed for him - he smoked a lot! Good luck with 7lbs but I bet you fab!! Let us know how your race goes and your 10k too x

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Well done on the the body toning.

I probably won't be at the Stornoway HM as I had said previously, as we have something else come up for next weekend. My son is going to run it, and I 'may' be able to come if our other commitment is cancelled, but it looks unlikely. All the best with the 10K.

PS It's blowin' a hoolie here today, and I'm a little windswept!


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