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Starting tomorrow - 57 years old and tired of being overweight (ok, let's be honest... obese)

I feel like a bit of a fraud as I haven't actually begun yet... the great moment is planned for tomorrow morning. I do, however, have a habit of finding excuses not to begin on things, whether it be getting fitter, losing weight or cleaning the bathroom, so I hope making a 'public' commitment in a blog will give me the necessary kick to actually get out and DO it!

I did actually complete C25k 3 years ago as part of a 'get fit, lose weight' regime I followed, but life got busy (see, excuses again!) and I stopped. Since then the weight has crept on so now I weigh 95k once more, so am back trying to eat healthily and have the twin targets of losing weight and improving my cardiovascular health.

I am encouraged reading some of the blogs here. I am not the only one who feels self-conscious about running in public then! I am hoping that this will become easier as I get into it. At the moment the thought of being able to run for half an hour without stopping seems an impossible dream. I have a feeling I will probably need a few more weeks than prescribed - my starting condition is deplorable, so will see how it goes.

If anyone has any tips for me they will be gratefully received!

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Re. your comment about running in public. I felt the same, and started running at dusk, how vain. But now it is too light in the evening. I am on Week 4 now, and just do it.

Ask yourself this...

'What do you think when you see someone running, particularly someone who is obviously new to it?'

It dawned on me that I never judged anyone who was running, I always thought 'there is someone who is making an effort, and that is more than I am doing'. I don't think runners judge runners. If you pass someone out walking there dog or something, just say hello.

I find the best time to run, for me at least is first thing in the morning. I try to go out at 7am, and get my 30 mins in then. The paths are quieter so you are not dodging round people, and when you get back, hot shower, hot tea, and brekky. Feel great for the day!. It is hard to get out of bed for a run at 7am, but then at the end of a long day at work it is no easier.

Go for it, and don't worry about what people think. You have set yourself a goal, just go for it.

Good luck.

Keep blogging :-)

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Thanks Nerdio for your common sense answer - you're right, I'm sure people won't really notice me, and if they do, well so what!


The hardest step is that first one - out of the front door. Do that....... and you've started your running program. I too run in the mornings and was at the beginning a tad self conscious about my pathetic attempts at "running", but that soon passes because, like Nerdio says, no-one takes any notice of you when you;re out running. If anything, YOU are doing summat about your fitness - THEY might not be? In any case, what counts is YOU'RE doing it. So get yo ass out the front door, switch on your Laura Podcast and do EXACTLY as she says and in 5 weeks time you will run 20 minutes NON STOP. How do I know? Because that's what happened to me this very morning. I ran for 20 mins - and 5 weeks ago, ONE minute made me want to die!


I start Week 5 next week, and was wondering how on earth I was going to run for 20 minutes. As you say though, it can be done. Might not be easy but can be done.


Thanks, I will get out of that door!


Go for it! I start my 7 weeks today and still run slowly but still doing.


Hi Jillie

You've made the right decision and there's nothing fraudulent about coming on to the forum the day before your first run - it will help your motivation, if anything. You're the same age as me and I am also overweight. When I was diagnosed three months ago with pre-diabetes and advised to get some exercise and lose weight one of the things I started was this programme. I was 83kg at time of diagnosis - today (have just weighed myself) I am 74.5kg. All to the good if it helps to inspire you. I combine running with Pilates and healthy eating. If you are worried about completing the programme nothing is written in stone. You can always try my method - I simply do each week twice before going on to the next. This spreads the programme over 18 weeks and if it's more comfortable that way then so be it. It's not a race...........well, not until you feel ready for your first 5K at any rate. I'm planning mine for next spring. Good luck tomorrow - you'll be fine.


Thanks Fitmo, you're right, it's not set in stone, I'll just see how it goes. The main thing is to do it.


Hi, I was just like you in having to start again. Last year I reached W5R3 and I just completed this run again this morning! My doctor said I was obese with raised cholestrol and I knew I needed to get back onto this amazing programme. Can't say how much I have lost as I do not own a bathroom scales but my clothes are definitely looser. My advice is run really slowly and, if you're worried about anybody seeing you, run really early in the morning. That's what I used to do, now I just do not care. Finally, this youtube Nike commercial really has inspired me. It's a 200 lb boy called Nathan jogging. If the link doesn't work, try googling Nike Nathan Commercial.

Good luck for tomorrow.


Thanks for the link, it is inspirational.


Thank you for the link! May sound stupid but I felt as if I was that kid (I'm obese and working my way out to get fitter and thinner) and this ad brung tears to my eyes. So inspirational! :'-)


Thank you for posting this video. I am here trying to rediscover my get up and go. I want to get back out there because I liked the effect C25k had on my body and the sense of achievement that went with it.

This has encouraged me to get my slow self out there again.


Honestly the hardest bit is getting out there. But you've made your commitment, and we believe you can do it. Come back and tell us how you got on. Best wishes as you begin this journey with us. We're so glad to have to along.



Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes and encouragement. I have just dug out my old running gear from the depths of my wardrobe... shall let you know how it goes tomorrow!


Good luck for tomorrow. It will be hard, and probably tougher than you expect. But the sense of achievement you get when you complete that 1st run really will be addictive.

As for people looking at you - I go out at 5.15 when traffic is bad and it's now light, kids on the school bus etc, but I go with my head held high because yes I may be slow and a little overweight and do get the odd person shouting comments to me! But at least I'm doing something about it which lets be honest before doing c25k I looked at runners an really admired them for finding the time and effort.

Today I realised that its because I run I have more energy and plan my time better and it's the only thing I do for myself that I have achieved with a little help from this forum and the lovely Laura of course. :-) keep us updated and keep that mental image of a fitter slimmer you. Mine is that little black dress at the Xmas party!


I also started today. The hardest bit is getting out the door but you can do it. Ive started to do the programme in the early morning. Its great- no one about, taking it steady and doing it in your own style.

Let us know how you do.


I'm with you on the obese part and feeling bad running in front of people but you can do it! I run in early mornings and in a park where I'm hidden from others by the trees - I still see other runners but to be honest, they don't pay any attention so I'm slowly building confidence and I find that this now shows in my everyday life. It doesn't matter how slow you run, as long as you keep going. Be proud because you take that first, crucial step: get off the comfort of your couch and begin the NHS podcasts. :-)


I wish I weighed 200lbs. I am currently 210, I used to be 274. If I can run you can run.

I don't care what people think, I know I can run longer and further than most of the people I go past.

Good luck with run 1.


I am technically obese and on the whole loving doing C25K despite having to restart the prog. a couple of weeks in due to bad knees. You have done it before, so I admire you already! All the best for tomorrow! Be gentle on yourself and let us know how it goes, the support on here is amazing! :)


Brilliant video clip. Thank you for sharing.


Last year I too was 57, obese and on blood pressure medication. This year I'm 58 (surprisingly), am middle of the normal weight band for my height and am completely off medication of all kinds. I came down from 97 kg (about 216 pounds?) to 66kg (about 132 lb). I struggled with week 1 but two weeks ago ran a half marathon distance with no difficulty.

I won't pretend that it was easy. But as long as you work out a regime and stick to it, everything else falls into place. I didn't stick to it at times - particularly when on holiday - but you just get back on the wagon once again and you soon get back to where you were, then start losing again.

So there you are - if you need reassurance, this should help. You CAN do it. You just have to WANT to do it.

Go for it!


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