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The tortoise made it!

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Hi all, I am very happy to have received my graduate badge, to all you tortoises out there keep at it! I started the programme in March 2013, I am not an athlete, hated PE at school, I've had to use extra rest days, had foot and hip injuries, but taking things gradually, having essential kit (getting shoes fitted) and the correct support for the girlies, I have made it. I am not fast, but I can run/jog for 30 minutes and can cover 5 to 6k. So slow and sure wins the race! Lots of support here helped me so I hope my post will give encouragement to others

All the best to my running buddies!

Madge50 xxxx

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Congratulations & well done . Keep up. The good work

Congratulations! But did I read that right? You cover 5 to 6km in your 30 minute runs? In that case you're definitely not a tortoise!

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You sound pretty fast to me!

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Crumbs! 5-6k in 30 minutes! I dream of being that slow :)

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Oh well done you. Congratulations! And yes, wow, call that tortoise speed??!!.. Quickly googles " critters slower than tortoises " .... much slower :( ... Lichen? ... Sloths?

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Congratulations. That's not bad going at all :)

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Well done. That graduate badge looks good !

Ha ha, very well done Madge and congratulations on graduating, from one 'turbo' tortoise to another! You are actually pretty fast!

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Wow to overcome all of that and keep going is encouraging...and..slow?I wish I could do that speed!!!

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Not fast? 5-6k is 30 mins? You're burning off down the track in front of me, that's for sure!

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Yay! Well done, its an amazing thing to accomplish, you should feel very proud of yourself :)

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Thanks everyone, you encourage me even more, mostly running on my own I have nothing to compare to, I don't think I am fast by any means, building up the courage for my first park run.

Thanks again, and all the best

Madge50 xxx

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Hey Madge with the badge :-) Just wanted to add my congratulations to you . Well done, a fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx

5-6k in 30 mins? Tortoise? I just manage 5k in 36 mins! You would be home and in the shower by the time I finish! ;-) but well done!

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Madge50Graduate in reply to Tattoojunkie30

Thanks Tattoojunkie30, 5 to 6k in 30mins is on my 'good' days, so it doesn't happen all the time! :-))

Best wishes

Madge xx

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