The dreaded week 5 run 3 completamundo!!!

A beautiful sunny, but windy, Sunday morning. 7.20am start. My calves screamed and I felt like giving up, but that's not in my character! I persisted. I tried to distract my mind. My butt ached. Did I say my calves screamed??!! But by golly I finished it. When Laura told me to cool down I could have kissed her!!

2.5 miles run and 371 calories burned. Time for my weetabix......and 9am is time for 50 laps of the pool.......see you all in week 6 (happy face time now!!)

Ps still can't believe I did it. Go me!!

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  • Go you indeed!!! That's the psychological mountain out of the way, now it is just conditioning and stamina building. It is not quite downhill all the way, but I am sure your self belief has been boosted.

    Congratulations. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Well done! That's a big run under your belt. A swim will be great to stretch out those muscles - over half way through now!

  • Oh well done ! You CAN do it !

  • Well done! I cried when I did that run!

  • Absolutely! Go you!!!!! Well done Manc. Keep up the good work. If your calves are burning are you going too fast perhaps? Slow is good so don't be in a hurry

    Enjoy your swim. While you lap the pool you can think about week 6. Nah, maybe best not.LOL

  • Yayyyyy!!! Many congrats :-)

  • Thanks for the inspiration guys. I come on here to see others that have graduated and who have done what I want to achieve. I also come on here to see others who are going through what I am going through now. I think if I tried this without health unlocked and it's members I may have given up. But onto week 6 I go!!!!

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