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Feeling good

I'm so pleased with myself. Completed week 1 this morning b4 I went to work. Not only did I do it I enjoyed it! This is amazing. I've never enjoyed exercise. What's happening? Maybe it's my time to get fit. I hope so. I find that I'm not thinking about future runs I'm just dealing with today's. That helps a great deal. Today I can do it. Also started 5 2 diet at same time. Feel so much better already. Actually feel energised. Happy days....

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Wonderful progress Morty14!! And it's good to just deal with the runs as they happen, not worrying about future runs. Stick with Laura and you won't go far wrong :D

The 5 2 diet is great as well. I'm a real devotee :D

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I loved the whole of the c25k and well done for completing week 1 - keep going


Well done Morty! It's hard to believe that we can actually run isn't it!

You have to eat well to sustain our running legs, so don't be fasting on running days. If you eat healthily and keep running you will be amazed at your weight loss and your body will tone up and you'll feel so much fitter. Loads more energy too


Congratulations, it's amazing to feel like you are taking control of your decisions and life....well done, you will not regret it.


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