W1R1- feeling good

I've just completed the first C25K run. I went for my first run since I was nine last week and hated it, but a new sports bra and leggings plus this amazing podcast meant that I loved today.

I expected to find it hard, and the jogging wasn't easy, but I did feel as though I could've kept going- is that normal? Walking and cycling are my main modes of transport so I'm not totally unused to exercise, and I've started swimming again (80 lengths breaststroke in 50 minutes is my usual until I get fitter again) but I also have a BMI of about 32 so I'm hardly healthy.

Either way, I really really want this to work, both to get fit and to help me lose weight (though I'm focussing on getting fit and eating healthily rather than the scales) so I thought I'd record my progress on here, especially since I feel great right now and I'm going to have to take a week or two off next week for a holiday, and I want the motivation to continue!


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  • Congratulations on starting this amazing programme Rach. You already have good fitness levels from your walking, swimming and cycling, so it's probably not surprising that you felt strong when you got to the end of the run. Just stick to the runs exactly as detailed by Laura and you'll get on just fine. Well done on a great start :)

  • Well done! I have literally just downloaded the app and plan to go on my first run in 17 years tomorrow. Hopefully I will find it as fun as you, but I havent done any other exercise in years and years. Hoping this group will keep me motivated!

  • Evie we will. Come on here and be happy or be sad, we will help you either way. Take your time but most of all enjoy it. We will be with you every stride of the way :) J

  • Welcome to the Centre of the Universe. You will never regret starting C25k, I am sure. It is a tried and tested and hugely successful programme and this forum is the icing on the cake. You will find support and advice when you need it and by telling us how you are doing, you will have an extra few hundred pairs of eyes watching out for you and cheering you on to becoming a runner.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you all so much- I already feel good about this, and I think knowing there's support here will help when that motivation dips.

    Evie17 I really recommend this (although obviously after one run that doesn't count for much!). Having the music really helped me, as well as somebody talking me through it- I've tried once or twice just using a stopwatch before and absolutely hated it. Good luck!

  • Well done on starting C25k and welcome to the forum ! Hope it goes well, keep us posted as to how its going! x

  • Well done on starting.

    I'm more than half way through now - due to start week 6 on Monday.

    I couldn't have done it without Laura and my own background music.

  • Well done on starting too. I'm still amazed I started myself. About to start week 8 - Laura really does guide you through to becoming able to run, and I love it because I feel it gives me control back over my body, making me actually fit, rather than just someone who gets on a bike and pootles around (which somehow didn't make me fit before)

  • What can I say but well done rach. You have taken the biggest step. I know how you feel about being able to do more but stick with the program. So many people get injured by just "doing a little bit more" if you feel you can save it for next week. Well done again and keep posting and we will keep encouraging. And when it gets harder we will get you through it. Good luck :) J

  • welcome i am about to do wk 3 r 2 today and am loving it....sometimes i feel i could go on longer but i remember what the guys on here have said to stick to the programme exactly and after injuring myself and giving up a couple of years ago i am doing just that :-) keep us posted on how you doing!

  • Again thank you all! I'll definitely keep you posted (I'll probably start again after my holiday) especially as I'm sure it'll get much harder and I'm determined not to give up :) I'm so impressed by all the graduates, and anyone who's stuck with it for more than a week or two! x

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