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feeling good :)

So this time last week i couldn't even run for 30 seconds and now I can run for 60 and completed the first week and what makes it feel even better is that I can come here and say it without getting the funny looks :) Don't think I could have finished week 1 without all the support, so thank you guys, this was the best decision I ever made in my life, now not only is my tummy shrinking but I have energy to play with my kids again and after only 1 week, I can only imagine how it's going to feel after 9 :) chuffed to peices :)

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Yay you! Keep going x


Yeay... and playing with the children... even bigger yeay!!!

Well done you... you are on the way. Slow, steady and you will get there....:)


Well done. It's good when you start to feel the benefits isn't it. Keep going x


Well done! It must feel great to have achieved it :)


Well done, it feels so good doesn't it? Enjoy :)


it feels fantastic, I suffer from depression and fibromyalgia and have really struggled since i had my son with fatigue but in the last week i havent needed to nap so much, i feel like me again. thank you all so much xxxx


Now imagine this feeling when you can do 30 minutes! Keep it up :)

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