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Completed c25k in June and was really enjoying my runs but unfortunately hurt my back so couldn't really run for a while. Started again last week and completed a 5k very hilly race last night. Mostly enjoyed the first part although I may have stated out too fast. Towards the end with yet another hill I was thinking never again but after getting home I started to think about doing it next year and aiming to get a better time.

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You could a Parkrun every week! You could run under the team name of NHS C25K. You get a discount on races for being a club runner

Well done on your race! Hills are a real bind aren't they. Grrrr! Still, you did it. I bet it felt great


Is that right about the club discount misswobble? How does that work if you run under NHS C25K - is this already a team name which has been set up for C25K runners or would you need to set something up yourself?

Well done from me as well Maryrosepatricia! I ran my first full 5K a couple of weeks ago and started out too fast - it nearly killed me!


Yes! I ran a race under the NHS C25k banner already and got £2 discount for being a club runner and have signed up for another one, again with the discount. You can run Parkruns (you know the proper organised ones by that name) under the NHS C25k banner. It's all arranged. If you go to the Parkrun website and enter you'll find the details. You apply as a runner from here and add your own name too. They used to publish the results on here, not sure if they still do

If we wear the tee shirts and pin badges, run under the NHS C25k banner in organised races then it gets the word out about who and what we're about. Every little helps


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