Not running 5k yet

Hi all, please can I have some advice from you wonderful people again? So graduated and now running every other day and running for 40 minutes. I am currently hitting 3k. Compared to some - that's really slow, I average about 230 calories.. What's the best advice to get to 5k? I'm asthmatic,46, just started menopause and haven't lost a sinkage pound since I started running but I am determined to keep at it

Any and all advice is very welcomed x


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  • Hi :) I haven't lost loads of weight, although I have changed my eating habits to try and give me more energy! I have, however, started to change my body shape and others are noticing. I started my C25k back in April.

    I am not fast my any means. Slow and steady. I got caught up on time and speed and my running seemed to come to a stop! My advice is keep plodding on, keep running as you are and your speed will increase the more you are doing. But does it really matter how fast you are? You are out there running :) and hopefully enjoying yourself :)

    Happy running :)

  • Well done o. The change - that's great news! And thank you for the advice and encouragement. I'm very grateful. And I will focus on the running and let the speed come. It's just nice to hear it from someone else because I feel I'm arguing with myself on this or cheating somehow

    Thanks very much


  • Ah the similarities , early menop. for me and fighting the water retention so no weight loss here but shape changing :)

    I wasn't hitting 5k at graduation or after at first - it will come :)

    Good luck x

  • Thanks my dear. Any advice on the menop? I just realised the cycle stopped 2 months ago, have a beard ;-) but the bloating, lack of weightloss - is this all normal? And I mean I haven't lost anything at all. Should I be going to talk to my nurse? It's awful how there is no guide book or manual and I don't get the feeling my doc gives a hoot. Last time I went with lump on base of neck ( turns out I yanked my shoulder joint) she told me it's cos I am fat! Few weeks of physiology and right as rain no lump ( 1 year ago). So I am tad hesitant to go talk to her :-)

  • I was lucky to find a GP who was very good , exploring various options. Have tried HRT but am now exploring not being on it. Official line is 2 years no cycle !

    Good luck with it and the running :)

  • well done, you are doing really well...and the menopause is so so hard....your asthma should improve as you continue to run...Right- I would suggest doing Myfitnesspal alongside your exercise to lose weight, and introduce a session of C25k Plus...the speed podcast once or twice a week will soon have you running faster. You are doing brilliantly :)

  • Thanks lovely - will defo take all the advice on board and start planning and not beat myself up too much.

    Thank you for towing time to write


  • Thanks ever so much to everyone - the support never fails to move me.

    Thank you thank you


  • 3 k is actually a jolly good distance to run and will help your speed for 5 k's very nicely. Those training for 5 k's run quite a lot of 3ks in training as it makes em go faster. So don't think it's less important just cos it's a shorter distance

    You're doing great but you have to be patient as you have to build up your strength and fitness in order to speed up a bit. You could try upping your speed just for very short bursts. You're running along at your usual pace then you think right I'll see if I can go a bit faster, so just try hard to up the pace, even if it's just 15 - 30 seconds and then return to normal and let your breathing recover.

  • Thank you very much for the great advice. My asthma is definitely improved and I am not done for count when I get a sniffle anymore. I have a day or 2 of feeling below par but nothing that sends me running for the covers anymore

    Thanks again


  • Thanks lovely lady - will defo give that a go.


  • hi, I am not hitting anywhere near 5k either!! I think speed will come later, well at least I hope so! I am off to run/ walk 5k along the seafront tonight, hoping that eventually the walks will become less over time. That's my strategy, plus on a bonus note my partner can walk with me while I run, he can still keep up!!

  • Ah the seafront sounds like heaven, thanks for the encouragement and support. I am very grateful indeed


  • Nope, me neither! I do a bit over 3K in 30 mins, but I think it's a nice distance to run.

  • Hi

    Could you find someone who is a more experienced runner to run with? I found that really helped me to up my pace and my distance. I only had the company for a week, but it made me realise I could run faster without dying ;-)

    Have you tried the speed podcast and the stepping stone podcast? I use them back to back and find them SO encouraging. The beat of the music just takes you along with it. I've upped my distance to 8k using these (in 50 minutes)

    It will come, as everyone else has said, but for me, I had to step out if my jog along without breaking into a sweat pace. It was too easy!! lol

    I think when you start to push yourself a bit harder, along with tracking your food intake with MyfItnessPal (as mentioned above) you'll find the weight starts to come off. I've lost nearly two stone since February and regained my hip bones and a fine looking pair of legs, but really only since I started to up the pace and push myself.

    As for the menopause, been there and come and come out the other side without too much of a problem (I'm 49 - 50 in March) I decided to cut out bread from my diet as it doesn't seem to agree with me. I've since heard/read, that that can be a positive step for menopausal folk like us - perhaps google it.

    Good luck and well done with your running so far. Achievement is such a fabulous stimuli.


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