The Freewheelin' Newbie Pam :o)

Got up early to make chocolate brownies for a colleague's birthday, only to discover someone had eaten the cooking chocolate and put the empty wrapper back...grrrr!

So then as I was up anyway, thought I'd go for a run, smugly congratulated myself on being caffeine-d up and organised enough to be outside at 6.30am, with tissues, poo bags (for the dog, I should add!) everything set to try the first run of week 6....disaster, I hadn't downloaded the damn podcasts. Didn't have time to go in and download them, figured I'd just walk the dog. Walked for a few minutes, considered re-running week 5, run 3 then had a lightbulb moment and realised this was my big opportunity to try a run without Laura and her f-f-flipping music!

So, I went off like a firework with Katy Perry (3:48), Taylor Swift and I shook it off (3:39), Avicci woke me up (4:10), then James Blunt swore he'd be my man (3:36), I sang along to Maria with Blondie (4:06) and Katy Perry and I had a final Roar together (3:34). I can't add it up, but I know I did well!

I had the same feeling as when I drove by myself for the first time after passing my driving test, terrified and exhilarated in equal measure :o)


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14 Replies

  • That's awesome!! Well done! I'm really looking forward to running without Laura's questionable tatse in music :D I actually laughed out loud when you said that the poo bags weren't for you :) Great job Pam, keep it up.

  • Well, I SAID the poo bags weren't for me... ;o)

    Great to see your graduate badge, very well done!

  • Awesome Pam well done and like the improvisation on the podcast.

    Keep up the great work and off in a few mins to do run 2 so maybe compare music lists.

  • Had to improv because I'm a muppet and forgot to download week 6, great though, I'll have a look at your music, let me know if there's any you partic recommend? I like it when the beat kind of matches my pace (more funeral music than Rocky II).

  • Well done! Who needs Laura when you have your own questionable taste in music?

    People who put empty wrappers/pots etc back in the cupboard make me livid. And it is always ingerdients that can't be substituted, as well. Similarly with baking paper and cooking foil etc.

    Although if I am truthful, I am pretty disgruntled by people using my kitchen full stop. My wife and daughter are actually making some kind of sponge cake as I type this, coincidentally. I can hear them. They are using my Kitchenaid and there will be no butter left in the morning and the whole place will look like a bombsite. I am grinding my teeth. I am going to go out and do some kettlebells in the garden before my blood pressure rises.

  • Cheeky! It's all music from a list in some Sunday supplement a while ago "music to gym to", or something similar, a bit pop-py for my taste bust works great if you need a beat. Recommendations welcome!

    PS don't expect them to share the sponge cake!

  • I dont eat sponge cake anyway, not any cake - carbohydrates? sugar? we are athletes, remember? Eat a cake of soap sooner.

    It transpires this morning, however that the cake is for some kind of charity bake-off at school, and I need to ice it today. In the form of a peacock. With a 3D fondant body that sits atop the cake and the tail feathers in bright coloured icing on the top and cascading down the sides.

    Oh, okay then. That shouldn't take long.

    Although I am being glass-half-full about this: at least they did not get botles of food colouring out.

  • I don't know if you actually wanted to know but I make that 22:53 : )

  • I did, so thank you. The minutes were fine, it was the damn seconds I couldn't add up. And, blimey, that's the longest time I've run for, you've made my night!

  • My family do that too, sneaky blighters. Countless times I've decided to make something only to find empty wrappers and containers. Who do they think they're kidding? Your running is coming on a treat and thanks for the clarification re your poo bags :)

  • Whilst I'm very low maintenance, I do draw the line at a wild wee (correct at time of writing, never say never ;o)

  • Brilliant post... but what was my husband doing in your house eating your chocolate !!!!

    Your run/music description is wonderful!!!

    Sounds like a great run... priceless!

  • Actually Lady Floss, you inspired my music description after your Billy Joel post! It's more adaptation than plagiarism :o)

  • Yeay! Go you....I think, now I may just take Billy out with me this morning ! :)

    P.S. My husband denies eating any chocolate ! :)

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