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Decision made most probably if I dont change my mind !


So you have all heard me mither on about lack of motivation, 5k taking me so long to run, timewise, the what comes next syndrom, my ouchie knees and also back which I havent mentioned well I have listened and probably most likely, especially if I dont change my mind, decided the way to go for me is to keep doing my 5k 3 times a week and let the time drop naturally, then I am going to take a few swimming lessons to brush up my swimming ( confidence gone ) once I feel confident, I intend to join the leisure centre pool membership thingy for £20 quid a month, which will then enable me to join aqua zumba and aqua aerobics, both of which I am hoping will help my knees and backs and will also allow me to swim if I wish.

Now is that a plan or is that a plan, answers on a pc please

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Oh and should have said, pool is maybe 2k away so I can jog there if I wish, how smart am I becoming

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to grannyjudes


have you seen this video ? Much of the running form videos seem to me to be for younger faster runners - but I like this one. This one is I think the way to go for us oldies!! :)

grannyjudesGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

thats funny Bazza, I just copied it ready to paste as soon as I finish checking here, thanks mate

( I saw it on your post )

grannyjudesGraduate in reply to grannyjudes

looked at this this am, and bookmarked it, your right, its the way to go. By mistake I got up the clip about 2 ladies one 68 and other 75 I think, who run 100 milers !!! hell fire !!


Just watch the knees at Zumba. !! Lots of twisting on the leg joints and can cause pain and injury. X

grannyjudesGraduate in reply to mancbird

zumba in the pool mancbird, should be fine dont you think ?


Aaa i missed the aqua bit lol. Oh yes much better!! Never heard of that but sounds interesting!!


That Is a plan! My gym is quite close too but once a week I drive there 7.30 am ,run round the park which it sits in ,shower, straight to Pilates class and then coffee with girls I met at pilates . So stretching sorted and chat with new friends . Lovely way to spend a morning.

I could never do front crawl so children bought me lessons for my 50 th Found it really hard to put face in water but one of best things I ever did. Don't expect quick results but persevere as sure you will love swimming once you get confidence back Aqua is really good cos water supporting all your joints - added bonus is nobody can really see what you doing. It's quite exciting trying out new things so sounds like you going to have fun -- oh and of course it will all help running ! Go girl


Wow - serious triathlete in training! Certainly sounds like a plan. I too have decided to stick with my 5ks. I had worked up to 8k but don't find it particularly enjoyable and it ends up taking longer than I want. I also like to walk/ run on my easy runs - just find it more enjoyable. I suspect it's an age thing!

I mix my running with cycling, walking, swimming, Pilates and tai chi all of which help with the running too.


thats the idea Ullyrunner, to get more exercise, when we lived in the States I always remember my Mums doctor telling her if you dont use it you lose it, ( meaning mobility ) and she has, lost it that is, and that has stuck with me, so I am running, but knees and legs and lower back hurt, I dont exercise happily but I do think this is something I could stick to,

That's a plan! When something's tough we all need a plan. Hope it helps make the difference for your ouchy knees


all sounds well worked out and a good plan. The Zumba in water sounds interesting. You might want to include cycling - either outside or on exercise bike is good for the knees as you don't tend to get the jarring or twisting and the hips also like the circular motion - happy hips help happy knees. :-)


happy hips helps happy knees , lol


Running 3 times a week and a bit of cross training thrown in to strengthen the knees and hips? That sounds like the best plan ever GJ! As far as "speed" is concerned, my view is that so long as you're out there and getting the heart rate up over 30 minutes then it matters nought about the pace.... but of course chasing a PB is always nice... :)


Thinking about it, my long slow journey towards a level of fitness started with aquagym. Having been a regular swimmer in my long lost youth, 2 years ago I signed up for a Saturday morning aquagym session, and then after Christmas took it up to 2ce a week. This reminded me how much I like swimming and turned into 2 or 3 weekly swims. Then the pool closed for maintenance, so I started c25k last September and last night ran 6K for the 2nd time !!! (Haven't swum since as I then got labrynthitis and am just thinking intuitively that its not gonna work for me, though physio says I should at least give it a go.)

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