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Going Further....with hills

On Saturday is the sign up for the Scotiabank HM opens - Training has been going well but its been all distances I am comfortable at. On Saturday I need to do 16km, I have dug out my running belt, will be stocking up on coconut water and got some gummy bears to try on my run.

Its not the distance that is bothering me the most its the hill. I know i can do the hill..but i am unsure if i can do the hill after 10km. So my plan is on run the 16km with the hill. I am also developing a slight twinge again in my knee (nothing major i am just aware I have a knee for a second, then its goes) so this run is very important, as i will know if I can do it or not. In prep I am having 2 days off running and going to the gym and just biking and swimming it. Boring yes but i might take a book to read on the bike tonight.

I have also started doing other exercises squats, lunges, the plank (which I HATE), mountain climbers etc too to help with the running. I have found this app "second pro" which is great which is timer that you can programme, i have found it very useful. I like it because you can create your own exercise programme but it also speaks to you.. so you know what your doing next without looking at a piece of paper or the iPad. I have finally understood its not enough just to run...the cycling, swimming and eplliptical machines and exercises all helps.

My other worry is the event has a cut off of 3hours. I think I will manage it less than 3hours as my plan is aiming for 2hours and 5minutes, this does not take into account the hill. So I have 3 times set, 2hours and 5minutes if I develop super powers between now and August. I hope the more realistic time i have set is 2 Hours and 15 minutes will be doable. Then if it all goes wrong 2hours and 30minutes.

If this HM doesn't work out for me I have just signed up for this one....


It will be lovely as its by the sea and its the one I originally wanted to do. There might be long inclines but i feel this one might be better. I hope to do both but we will have to wait and see what Saturday brings.

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Hmmm very interesting. I would run slow to have enough energy at the end to tackle the hill. I would run the hill slow as well. You can zig zag up the hill if needs be if it's steep. No hurry either!

The cross training and body strengthening exercises will pay off. I think I only ran into trouble cos I stopped doing those while my house got bashed about and I lost my exercise space. Had I been doing those I don't think I would have crocked my knee. I can't do a full plank yet but I did crack the side planks and the moderated planks. Just do what you can! I did the exercises on my non-running days, or after my run. Not before

I ran a 10 mile race with a hill start for 4 k and then another hill at 12k. The hill at 12k was a killer. That's what you will be looking at and it's hard towards the end if you're knackered so take your time. You will need a drink before the final hill. I'm with you on the coconut water but I only ever drank it after, not during, but I guess it will give you much-needed energy if you sip it as you go round.

I would say that time is do-able but a lot depends on the day. If you put the training in and keep up with the training then all will be well. Be sure to eat well and stay hydrated.

Let us know how it goes with the 16 k training run

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Lots of great info there :) I am hoping that the other exercise will pay off and they can't do any harm so its win win!!

With regard to the plank I have slowly built it up and forced myself to do it. I find it hard but i tell myself no pain no gain when i want to give in. My core is weak and need to build it.I haven't gone on to the other types of plank, need to win the war with this one first.

I am on week 4 of the plan and I have followed it mostly (extended a few runs as it was rather cool and wanted to get home and not get cold). Like you say its on the day you will know if you can reach your time.

I have mapped out in my head roughly 16km route for Saturday- which follows the first 13km of last year's route - including the hill after 10km (If i can gain access to the park from the direction I am coming.) So I will let you know...


Wise words from MissW, Vix. I have no advice at all for you, just my best wishes that your superpowers kick in when you most need them. Very best of luck m'dear, you've put the training in so hopefully you'll be fabulous, Daahling xx


Thank you. I hope my superpower kicks just not the hill and my navigation sense kicks in too - Its a bit like spaghetti junction- or else i could just be running over all the flyovers for 16km-lol.

I hope you ankle is doing well!! - any more running?


My ankle is holding up remarkably well thanks, Sweetie but no more running yet. I have a school trip on Monday that will require LOTS and LOTS of walking, so, discretion being the finer point of valour, I've decided it would be prudent to wait until Tuesday before trying again. Having said that, I'm as cranky as Hell at the moment and sometimes nothing but a run will restore the equilibrium....... :)


Well take care on the school trip!! Have fun and rest afterwards - just think soon it will be the end of the summer term so hopefully you will be able to start some running then!!


Hello Vix ... look at you go! Sticking to your plans ... You're so good!

Your video clip left me a bit choked up, I LoVE these epic mass start races with everyone giving it their all, always emotional!

Your second pro thingie sounds great, I'm going to investigate that one, thanks!

(Don't betray me to Jillian Michaels please) I like the idea of it telling me time to change discipline or whatever...

All I can do is wish you my bests for yr 16km. You are sensible and organized and I have every confidence you'll be absolutely fine, powering up that slope and leaving it far behind you!

Good good luck! xx


Its a good little video that one, i think i signed up based on this!! I like Vina, it brings so many memories. The first time we went we broke the car. The second time we went it started off cold and we were going to leave but we were told that it would get warmer. Hard to believe when everyone is wearing quilted jackets, scarves and jeans but it turned out they were right and we got sun burnt!!

I liked Jillian but i stopped as the apartment was far too hot! Now its cooler i started doing me own thing and found this app. You don't have Jillian to keep you going though.

Thank you!!! I love planning things. My partner complains I am always onto the next thing before completing the first thing. Its a lovely once your at the top and great place to run, its just getting there. Its hard also as all the proper runner glide up and down there effortlessly!! Where I am working hard and trying not to look like I need an ambulance !LOL


Chile's premier seaside resort" says Wiki "the most important beach in the country" ... looks gorgeous! Even on your clip it seemed one minute the people were wearing long sleeves and jackets and the very next they were in shorts and vests!

Anyway, i just wanted to remind you, Miss Vixchile, that YOU are most definitely a "proper runner" too - even if you look like you need assistance from a paramedic sometimes!

G' night now (tho it's probably after-lunch-snooze-time at your place!)


Its very hard place to describe - its not what you expect and it grows on you. The water is FREEZING and it doesn't compare to the stunning beaches in Brazil. But what I do love about Chile is the diversity and I would recommend to everyone to visit (not in May-September and Jan -Feb)

Thanks BoPeep - Your very kind! Have a fab Friday !!


calm down...it will be OK. How big is the hill? Divide it into chunks and have landmarks you get to... Also, I have been doing hills a lot lately and if you run on your tip toes you can push more pumping your arms, but if you go slowly it gives you a chance to get your breath back... good luck :)


Thank you -The hill actually doesn't look that bad on garmin connecthttps://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/802563046

For the race and saturday i am just going to break it down into segments and try my best. Thank you for the tips !!! I will try the tip toes on the steep shorter sections.


You have the commitment and drive to get the hill done Vixchile and it sounds as if you're doing all the right things. Foam rollering? Works wonders on those tight muscles and loosens everything up. A lot of runners walk up a hill. I've seen them and you can walk sometimes faster uphill than run, so if all else fails you could try that.

The plank is so good for your core. I do it at Pilates and although it's hard it does work. One of our instructors insist we take one leg off the floor! Yikes! It's hard to keep your balance.

Good luck for the 16K. That's a long way to run but I have no doubt you'll do it.


Thank you IP!

I think if i took one leg off the floor during the plank I will fall over into a heap! My hat goes off to anyone who can do those fancy plank positions!!

I was meant to buy a foam roller from the UK as i haven't seen any here, which is odd but sometimes that is the just how it goes in Chile. I think i will be stretching everyday as I think I need to. I will keep a look out for foam rollers as well.


You can get them from Amazon. Get the smooth one. The knobbly ones are more painful!


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