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Benefits of running - heels!

It was a run day but when I woke I could definitely feel the effects of a long bike ride yesterday so thought I might leave it a day. However, something about catching up on the posts on here works its magic and I was soon kitted up and out for my morning 5k. One of my better times too!

Afterwards I went up to the outlet centre and spent up in the Nike factory store. :-) After that I was trying on dresses in the Hobbs sale (as one does). The sales lady brought me some heels to try with the dress and commented on my ' fabulously toned legs' !! I know she was probably only trying to sell me the dress but it made my day! Another unlooked for benefit of all this hard work...

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Oooh get you Ully!!! Toned!!! Good for you. All that cycling and running paying dividends obviously. Did you find a frock in the sale? I do like Hobbs but they seem horribly over-priced


I did, but I'm lucky enough to be able to go to their outlet store so when they have a sale I can just about justify it!


Small compliments always motivate me so much more. A colleague recently said I was looking really healthy and that was exactly what I needed to push me to go for a post-work run.


well done on the toned legs but I really thought you were going to say, I looked at the heels and the dress and said damn I could get new lovely ugly trainers for that !!!


Ah, I'd already been to the Nike outlet store!


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