Unexpected benefits of running

Just for a bit of fun and hopefully to spur you on if you are new to this, you can expect the following:

1. Loads more energy

2. I can eat 2000 plus calories a day and not GET FAT*

3. I no longer need to take the lift

4. I can wear v tight skirts*

5. Nature- the most beautiful gift is all out there to explore and discover... I actually saw a wild deer yesturday and it stared at me for ages up in the woods.

6. I have something to talk about with people ( in fact its the ONLY thing I talk about!!!!)

7. Its given me back a bit of me that was gone

8. Its helped me see that I am actually very competitive and very determind*


*If I run more than 6 miles

*I appreciate that men may not experience this benefit

*Not necessarily a good thing!!

What unexpected benefits have you found?

OMG my tag???!!!




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41 Replies

  • Hahaha haha excellent tag!!! Where on earth did that come from?

    Unexpected benefit from running: definitely better sex life. Sorry too much information *AncientMum covers face in embarrassment and beats a hasty retreat*

  • I must be doing something wrong with my running........ 🤔😶😶😈

  • That's more like it... I think that's enough to make anyone start running ;)

  • Good for you for telling it like it is! (Especially good for someone with that screen name to tell it like it is!)

  • Yes something to talk about- not sure husband really wants step by step account of my run.lol.

  • That is an awsome tag indeed!! Great post JuJu. I've yet to reach the heady heights that you are at ,so definately something to aspire to 🤗 x

  • I think whatever level you feel you are at there are benefits, and they just get better the longer you do it... You are doing just brilliantly :)

  • Completely weaned off inhaler

    Lowered blood pressure

    Healthier feet - no more athletes foot etc - not sure why though

    New form of stress relief

    And many of the same ones listed above too :)

  • Wow, life changing that's fabulous :)

  • Ha ha ha, that tag! Can I add:

    Toned legs - that look great in said tight skirt 😉


  • Absolutely... 👠

  • A fit arse ! :-D xxx

  • You have a fabulous figure, was that down to running or have you always been that shape? The fit Arse is a definite bonus :)

  • Thankyou so much Ju, that is really nice of you to say so xxx

    I was very lucky in that I could eat practically anything I wanted for years without putting any weight on . I had a very sweet tooth and ate lots of chocolate, biscuits, sweets etc and it wasn't until I hit my fifties that my weight began to steadily increase . I started running 2 years ago and took this as a green light to eat more and more ( of the wrong stuff ) and I hit the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life earlier this year.

    I have since lost just over one and a half stone and am at my ideal weight now . I just watch what I eat now but still allow myself a little treat now and again . Life's for living ! :-) xxx

  • Energy... loads and loads of it....found my singing voice again , ( in the fields) :) , started writing again, discovered I can make miserable faces into happy faces, made friends with several dogs and their owners, fit comfortably into my Size 12 skinny jeans, discovered I love rain, and mud and puddles...hate nettles.... and, goodness me, last but not least, and quite probably one of the greatest benefits... I have discovered so many beautiful friends on this forum :)

    Thanks for that Juju xx

  • That's beautiful....mso so many wonderful things it gives us. I was really hoping this post would give people a boost to recognise all the extras it gives us :)

  • Yes, can eat well without gaining weight, move better, look better according to wife, toned legs, but don't wear skirts😁 although my skinny Wrangler jeans look great!😊

  • Gotta love the skinny Wrangler look... 👠

  • Most of the benefits that I've found are not really unexpected : Fitter, more energy, less fat, calmer and less stressed take more interest in what I eat, enjoy the run itself. One of the benefits which is unexpected is that while I'm running 3 times a week, I never really get a proper cold, just a few sneezes and runny nose occasionally. Whereas if I'm not running I seem to get one miserable cold after another.

  • That is so true, I have noticed that too :)

  • Determination! ...

    Stronger will power!

    Take more care in what I eat..

    I'm now a champion he wee gremlin slayer!

    And I now enjoy a bit of a boogie in poppypugs Friday D.I.S.C.O :)

  • He wee? Don't know how that got in there ;)

  • Interesting concept?!!!

  • So true.

  • Tag almost as bad as the poor soul who got "Hyperhydrosis" as their sole tag on their post reporting on their trip to Sweatshop!

  • Where do they come from... So random!!!

  • 😊

    Being more able to deal with being cold! I thought I would freeze to death on the warm up 😃

    Being able to keep the weight off ☺

    Being able to zip to the shops

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about your first one. Can't believe now I'll happily set out in long sleeve t shirt and leggings in rain and snow and minus 10.

    Which brings me to:

    Discovering The Joy of Buffs

  • Eating and drinking lots without putting on weight ! (I am 5'1 so nowhere to hide it), back to being a size 10, not really lost weight but lost inches, lots more energy - I love dancing and now have enough energy to dance for ages, generally feeling stronger and it has changed my posture and body confidence. Lots of new friends through C25k and running club. Doing parkrun on a wet Saturday morning and splashing through the puddles. An outlet for being fiercely competitive ! What's not to like ? :-)

  • Perfect, I'm so with you on the dancing front but I don't have anyone to go with- I make do with the kitchen!!!!!

  • Yep, all of that ;)

  • ;)

  • Running for the train you would have just let go before.

  • Hahaha! Gotta love this tagging system. So much of the above, I'll add I'm always in a good mood and my skin looks great - not just on the face but everywhere on my body that I can easily see. Have a look at your arms and legs, doesn't your skin look better?

  • Thats also very true.... I think mine may be more to do with thge fact that i have given up booze!!!

  • No longer intimidated by sports shops and/or the assistance that work there, a whole new shopping experience!

    Re-discovering music I haven't heard in ages.

    Watching other runners and smuggly knowing that I can do that too!!!!!

  • What am I doing wrong? I have found:

    * No weight loss that I can tell

    * I still can't eat what I want!

    * My husband is still not keen (!)

    * I'm starting to get more hot flushes (I'm only 45, sob)

    * I'm more panicky and unsettled

    But on the flip side:

    * I don't care about my husband!

    * I don't want to eat much any more

    * I've stopped drinking!

    * I have running (and Laura!) to keep me company when I feel the need

    * I achieved the biggest goal of my life by graduating - one I didn't ever believe possible!

    * Sod the rest, I love getting physically active!

  • Your doing wrongs are v similar to mine ( I didnt share those!) apart from 1,2 and 4. I am also 45 but I refuse to let that stop me!!!! and Im with you on all your flip side... love it!!!

  • 1. Possibly improved recall for the dog. The good training guides always say the dog is supposed to keep up with you rather than you waiting around for them to show up. With running, I am doing *my* thing, it's not all about her (albeit with bonuses) and thus I am not tempted to wait (I admit that the advice to carry warm sausage wrapped in foil or a pouch of cat food was also helpful)

    2. Discovering artwork - I found a sculpture out on the moors on a run, was curious about it and this led to months of fun trying to 'bag' all the rest of the set (unfortunately someone seems to have nicked one)

    3. I can stick a big fat finger up to the eejits who think my illness is 'exercise phobia'

    4. I don't have shin splints any more (after decades)!!!

  • Oh yeah, buffs! Mine is mostly folded into a headband to keep wind out of my ears and to hold my earphones in place

    I danced the night away last Friday night 😃

    Lots of us have other halves not running/remotely interested ☺

    Keep going with exercise/eating healthy and the weight will shift. If you eat more than you burn off then it won't. We all have to watch we eat now we're runners 😊

  • 4. I can wear v tight skirts* I appreciate that men may not experience this benefit

    We may not experience this benefit but we really do appreciate this benefit Ju Ju !!!

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