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Oh the frustration


So, W9R3, here we are. Get out the phone, set up Runkeeper and start up Laura, as I've dine many times before. I've done my walk, I'm running. Then C25K does what it sometimes does - it stops. Still running I try to restart it. Seems ok then I realise it has now decided it needs me to log in. Still running I'm trying to remember my password, punch it in and it doesn't want to know. I am walking now trying to sort this out and eventually give up, working on the ever reliable Runkeeper to tell me timings. I ran an extra 5 minutes to make up for the walking, but without Laura to congratulate me I don't feel I have completed the course. So I've done it (hooray!) but will have to do it once more under Laura's supervision before I can say I have truly graduated. The password I used works fine on the main site but not on the app. Graduation appears to be a while away!

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You have done it!!! Well done - forget the gadgetry.

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to Windswept1

I feel better now! Thanks!

hdcantonaGraduate in reply to Unfitdad59

Maybe you should change your username to 'notsoUnfitdad59' now!


I agree, you have definitely done it :-) I understand wanting your gadgetry to line up though, especially on the graduation run.

On my graduation run I forgot to start my Garmin until 2 mins into the run. So when Laura said 'Congratulations, you did it!' I said 'Nope!' and kept running until my watch ticked over to 30 mins. Would have bugged me otherwise!

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to Pollypanda

Technology. Pah!


How frustrating but it sounds as if you have done it really. If you feel cheated why not plan a special graduation run next time along your favourite route to celebrate? You're going to keep running anyway so a couple more days doesn't matter if you want to make it memorable. You deserve fanfares and cake and champagne!

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Great idea! Love the champagne and cake concept!

I'd agree that you've done it, well done! Technology is great when it works, but when it doesn't.... Anyway, I did another couple of weeks of W9 when I finished to consolidate being able to run for 30 minutes and while I thought of what to do next, so no harm in doing a W9 run again and maybe you'll feel like you've "really" finished.

Enjoy your running, whatever you do post-graduation :)

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thank you. I will kerp w9 training going for a few more runs to ensure it wasn't a fluke, then figure out where I go from here.


You're a graduate now! Qualifying means completing week 9, which you have done. If you need to do it again for peace of mind, then go for it, but I'm sure everyone here would agree that you already did! :-)

Well done! Hope you feel great :-)

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to I_will

Thank you. I do!


You have definately done it ! Looking forward to seeing a graduate badge next to your name soon !

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to ajwyld

Thanks. My next task is to figure out how to do that....

Brilliant well done on your graduation. Long as your legs work who cares about the tech. Keep up the good work and try some of the C25K+ podcasts

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to GettingFitter

C25K+ podcasts? Something to investigate. And thank you!


Congratulations!!! I see your lovely, shiny new badge. Woohoo! Great feeling isn't it

The plus podcasts can be downloaded here. See link to the right of the screen in blue text

There are three podcasts which you can mix up to suit yourself. I use them all the time. Speed seems lame at the beginning to stick with it as it gets better. Honest

Then there is the dreaded Bridge to 10 k with Sami Murphy which takes 5 weeks (or 10 if you take it steady) That too can be downloaded here

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to misswobble

Superb! Many thanks misswobble for all the gen. I've always considered myself to be a music guy, so to get a lovely shiny award at my age is more awesome than you can imagine. So more podcasts to try....here we go!


The music on the Sami podcasts is good! I discovered lots of new tunes on there, which being a more mature lady I didn't think I'd like, but I do! Shakira, Pink, Rhianna, even Britney! One of the tracks I really like and I'd never heard before is one called " Starry Eyed Surprise", by Oakenfold. It really makes me laugh. The Shakira one makes me laff too when she warbles about being pleased that her breasts are small and humble so you don't mistake them for mountains. What is she like! I think my fave is Pon de Replay but then second fave is Surrender by Cheap Trick (I think) Love it

The music is perfect running stuff and the lyrics are matched to inspire you to run. You have to listen to the music even if you don't do the runs, but I urge you to as it's good. Week one is a bit funny as you can't hear Sami very well but as she doesn't say a deal, it's not a problem. She sorts out the glitches by Week 2

Unfitdad59Graduate in reply to misswobble

I'll look forward to it, misswobble! I'll do a couple more Laura's first then I'll go for it....

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