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Getting Back in the Game

I'd be working through the Couch to 5K plan, it was going great, I got to the first run of week 8 and felt like a hero for completing it. Then, later the same day in a completely unrelated incident I hurt my back, pulling muscles in it.

That was over a month ago and last week my physio finally gave me the OK to start running again, but to only do a 10 minute run, slowly and to stop at 10 even if it felt OK, and build up time over days from there.

This morning I got to 25 minutes, effectively week 7 of the plan, it was *really* tough, and slower than I had been doing but I'm chuffed to be back at it. My back's a bit sore now so I'll leave it a couple of days before going again, but it's progress!

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So glad you are back running- isn't it horrid when something stops you mid track! Take things steady, you will soon be graduating x :-)


ouch! Sorry to hear that you got so far and then had to stop. Grrrrrrrrrr. That must have driven you bonkers

I hope you're soon back to full fitness and can finish what you started. Take care!


Thanks folks! It was definitely frustrating, going to stick with the week 7 for a while and leave a couple of days between runs, but I'm confident again that I'll get there :)


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