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Back in the game!

After a total hip revision in December 2015 I've been back in the gym but decided I really wanted to try C25k again.  Well, I've just done W3R1 and feel great. Just wanted to ask if I'm going too fast  (haha) or too slow. I know it's whatever feels right but today I've run at 6.3 k/h and walked at 4.3 k/h. I felt I could go faster but don't want to get my comeuppance on week 4 or 5! All advice gratefully received. 😊

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Slow and steady wins the race.

IMHO don't monitor your speed til a lot further down the line, if at all.

I used to measure my road bike speeds but it just sucked all the fun out of exercising, because you just keep trying to push harder, when you should just enjoy it.

Anyway, fair play to you for running again after major surgery.


Thank you for replying. I ran on the treadmill today so set the speeds. Think I'll try my next run outside, I'm guessing I'll adjust my pace naturally.  Looking forward to the next one already.


I did wk3 r2 today, and from my experience you will definitely develop your natural pace.

I've been running deliberately slowly to keep fuel in the tank, but allowing myself a little increase in pace at the end of the run, because I'd got enough energy. I suspect you're still faster than me anyway!


Please forget about speed.  This is all about achieving 30 minutes continuous running, not how fast you can go.  Focusing on speed is a slippery slope and can lead to  injuries because your body is not ready for that speed.  Follow Laura's guidance and keep it slow.

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Thank you - will post after next run  (outside hopefully), see how it differs from treadmill at gym.


90ldfinch Here's hoping we keep to the programme and we'll both graduate!  Good luck!


Course you'll graduate! Don't try to get out of it on this forum!


Wouldn't dream of it! Wouldn't dare!!!  


Yeah, bring it on!


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