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Took C25K posters to surgery today!

I spoke to the Practice Manager, rabbited on enthusiastically about C25K and gave her the posters. She did seem genuinely interested and is going to talk to the team about them. I had thought she would have made a decision there and then but they obviously have a system and I didn't want to sound too pushy.

I did think that after my effusive gesticulating and the speed of my speech ( I talk more quickly and more "Irish" when I'm excited) she might have asked me to see a doctor but no.

I will check and make sure they put the posters up. If not, rest assured I'll be on the case!

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Thats great!!! I am trying to persuade everyone i know verbally - i think they are bored hearing about it. I will keep on though


Well done you! I keep telling anyone who can't get away from me all about Couch to 5km! Got a few friends on it, who in turn have away friend on it! Two daughter about to start too! Spreading the word!


I took my HU posters & C25k posters to the three surgeries in town, the first two had to go via the practice manager who was not available but the third was going to make some space and put them up. I offered to go in and talk to the GP's and practice nurses if they wanted to explain my interest and inolement.


I suspect they have a lot of people wanting publicity for commercial reasons (and that's going to be a small element of publicising HealthUnlocked) But this is an already NHS endorsed thing.


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