Wk8 -finished. I need girls advice, please?

Struggled to finish my last run of wk8 but completed it just because I hate to fail! Got one of those days in the month where my back aches, legs ache, stomach ache - need I say more...... Decided to run because it was my normal run day but the question to all the girls is, how an earth do you keep going when you feel so awful? Any advice would be great fully received.


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  • I have managed to run around my heaviest days to be honest. I think if you feel that awful then maybe give it a miss. To be fair though you managed it and you know why it was hard so see how your next run is x x x well done x x x

  • I'm hoping your right and my next run will be easier!

  • I normally can't run, and have to give it a miss!

    Seen as I'm only like that for a couple of days i tend to just miss that day and have another rest day.

    But you did it, and you kept going, so well done! x

  • I'll see how the next run goes! It's a sure mark it won't be any worse. Perhaps with a days rest the next run might be slightly easier, I can always live in hope.....

  • Try using a Mooncup, they are much more comfortable and in a lot of people lessen pains. They sell them at Boots and they're fantastic, I feel so much more comfortable and its so much cheaper in the long run mooncup.co.uk/


  • Thanks for your valuable thoughts Cookiemonster. They say you learn something new everyday and I am chuffed you are all here to help. I've just watched the YouTube video, it's definitely worth a try. Thank you x

  • Goodness - I'd forgotten all that. It seems there are some advantages to starting running at 60 after all. Well done you for being so darned determined. I have adopted "Inveni sic Finiam" as my motto (I've started so I'll finish). Please feel free to share it, sister.

  • Hi running phobe, I will follow your motto. I've got another 20 years before I'm 60 so I have a little way to go to forget these monthly treats x

  • This is sort of a cheat and possibly not very useful, but Cerazette (mini-pill birth control). No periods, no mood swings, only issue being that the idea of dealing with the sore-everything days you describe is now completely offputting. And of course female bodies are notoriously pesky/unique, so it may not have the same effect for everyone.

  • Hi tea fairy, I'll google your idea later and see if it could help. No periods, what a joy that would be, never known a run as bad as yesterday!!! Thanks for your tip x

  • Do try that Mooncup recommendation, very empowering.

    Also worth bearing in mind that everyone has bad runs from time to time *anyway* and some of these week 7-8 ones can really feel like a bit of a slog. I'd just about done and dusted the menopause as it turned out when I started C25K but I can remember just one of those runs around then. And if you are not one of the slowest runners normally, now is a good time to become one.

    I have lots of pain for other reasons but I often find a lot of it goes during a (gentle) run (doesn't stop it coming back unfortunately but just the break and the sense of not being controlled helps my emotional wellbeing even if it doesn't fix the physical) I've found myself saying "I feel really ill and tired, I think I'll go for a run"!

  • Hi GoogleMe thanks for your thoughts. I have the first run of Wk9 tomorrow evening so i will take it slow and see if i do any better than yesterday. Wish me luck x

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