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Week 2 Run 3 done - finally!

Hey all

So I finally completed week 2 this morning, I had planned to have completed week 3 by now but a nasty case of Shingles got in the way.

I am starting to feel fitter but really struggling with general leg pain, seems to alternate between my shins feeling all splinty and my calves feeling crampy and tight. I will be gracing Easy Runner with my presence and investing in some proper running shoes as a treat very soon as i'm worried the pain will start to put me off once I start running for longer.

Although it's great to feel fitter, I also want to start losing some weight. I am a size 12-14 and have some leg chub and a muffin top that I would like to shift. What do you think is the best exercise for me to do on my rest days? Would it be OK for me to run in the morning and do a different exercise in the evening? I'm a member of a gym with a pool and various exercise classes so the world is my oyster. Any tips welcome :)

A x

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Shingles is not nice, hope you feel fully recovered soon, just take it easy till you really feel 100% those new shoes are essential really to avoid injuries once you start upping the time running. On you rest days you want to be doing any non impact exercise so swimming or aqua aerobics are good, yoga/Pilates are great for strengthening the core muscles which are needed while running. IMO it is fine to run in the morning and do something else in the evening as long as it's using different muscles, but do have at least one day a week that you rest completely to give your body time to adjust to all the new stresses you are putting upon it .


Shingles is very debilitating so make sure your diet is really good so you are getting the right nutrition to support you

You will need to look at your diet now that you are running and exercising at the gym etc. It's a really good time to do this now from a point of view of getting over the shingles but to look at improving your general health and stamina. You will lose weight if you eat healthily but support your increased level of exercise.

Good luck with it all!


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