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Fantastic blessed rain!!!

I wasn't intending to run this morning as I am headed into town with the kids to watch the marathon but woke early and thought...sod it.

No real plan but out I went for the warm up. The streets were wet which means my water based cooling friends (trees) would be well loaded :D .

Set off at too fast a pace as I always seem to do. First km zooms by in 4:23 and I force myself to slow down. Having run very little over the past few weeks due to numerous excuses of holidays, heat and work, I hope to put in a decent distance. I decide on my 10k loop route but think it will probably be a step too far. As the 2k run master check in pipes up, the heavens open.....aaaaaahhhhhh.....its been too long since I ran in the cooling rain :D . This is fantastic :) .

The run continues and I reach 4k. Choice to make.. Turn back or continue in the long uphill towards the level crossing. The words of my fellow May graduate and general inspiration, Miles Yonder pop into my head.

Onwards. Always.

The hill is conquered without too much problems and I cross the railway (first time I have ever managed to get across, its generally a bit of backward and forward running while I wait for the barriers to lift).

The rain has stopped and I am starting to feel the heat as I reach the park. I go off track as is my want and across the grass to enjoy the fruits of the cooling trees :D

A few park dog walkers look at me strangely as I pull down on some low hanging branches but I dont care.

9km comes and goes and I do a little diversion to take the run to 10.

Not my fastest 10k of all time (52:46) but after so long prevaricating about my running, a thoroughly enjoyable mornings work.

Sun and warmth is forecast for tomorrow again so I am glad I have run today.

Now its time to drag my stiff legs out to support the athletes in the games.

Enjoy what remains of your weekend folks and happy running/resting.

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Wow, fantastic achievement, brilliant time. Well done for knocking those excuses on the head. Have fun watching the marathon.


Thanks Amber. I hope today has reinvigorated me :D


That sounds like a lovely run. I'm still working towards 5k, but I did discover the joy of running in the rain in the early weeks. Thanks for the tip about running under the trees! Have a good day in Glasgow.



Trees in summer are great.

I doubt I will feel the same about the rain in the winter months however :(


Sounds like a lovely run. There's even a hint of a breeze here this morning which made the early morning run a lot more pleasant than of late! I'm sure the marathon will inspire you today!


It really is astounding the pace that these folks keep!!!

I know by the times they post that they are around twice as fast as me, but to see that in the flesh. And for 26 miles!!!!!!



Great run, I am longing for some rain after 6 weeks of continual sunshine and heat :) Really enjoyed your post, thank you.


Go you, Runner! That's a fantastic time as well, well done; very similar to the time I reached 10K in, on Friday. Don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something of that order. The rain: oh the rain! Send some down here, will you; I could do with some. I always now utilise your trick of grabbing tree branches which are soaked with wonderful rain. I also brush alongside wet hedges too, after checking for brambles and nettles first, of course!

Did you enjoy watching the marathon? I watched it on the television and loved it, must have been so great to be there and see it properly. Very well done on your run today, then getting out to see the marathon afterwards! Happy resting. Always. :-)


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