10k training podcasts - recommendations pls!

hey there! apologies if this has been posted before but the search function didn't bring much up & I trust you guys more than google :)

so im running a 10k in Nov and was training doing my own thing but im thinking of trying a program of podcasts to take me from 5 to 10k. initially I was opposed to doing intervals but now think it might be the best way forward for me.

which ones have you tried? im not bothered how rubbish the music was but would appreciate similar sort of thing as nhs c25k


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  • Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k downloadable podcasts from here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (blue text link)

    Music is great, and I'm an old biddy!, but it will get you moving and inspired I'm sure. she doesn't chat like Laura. It lasts 5 weeks and is a bit hard. I got stuck on week 4 so repeated it many times before moving onto week 5. It's the same kind of format, run, rest, run but it's just longer. The first week podcast is a bit quiet and mine kept cutting out so I ditched it and had to go to Week 2. Everything was fine after that. Good luck

  • Miss wobbles sound good.. I bought audio fuel run free first two hours with Silky Steve. I used the first hour to get me to 10k and the second to nearly get me to HM!! It's great as you can progress each week by doing a bit more as its chunked unto ten minutes... Good luck :)

  • Thanks both I will check them out later

  • Hi - I remember when I got the this stage and downloaded loads of apps, all of the above. I didn't like the walking intervals and it felt like I was going backwards. It is not for everybody.. but I found using the week 9 podcast then increasing my run by 5 minutes each time using my own music after the first half an hour got me to 10k really quickly. Good luck for race in November - let us know how you go!!

  • Thanks Carole I've been using my own music and have tried the graduation podcasts and intervals ... but the furthest I've ran is 6k after that I sort of lose motivation hence the feeling to try intervals again...there are just so many available its a minefield! Thanks for the good luck ive been struggling to do 5k with the heat getting worried I won't be able to do 10, but beauty of cooler November weather, here's hoping !

  • Hello everyone - these are great, helpful suggestions. I have also been struggling without Laura to tell me what to do. I've been using Endomondo's customised training plan, but I actually miss Laura's motivating chat. I'm kind of stuck around 6.5, using week 9 of Laura as suggested above but running right to the end and a bit beyond, but then I also lose motivation. I'm planning to register for a 10k event at the end of September, so need to pick up soon!

    Any good suggestions for music? And why on earth doesn't Laura do a 5 - 10k?!

  • Hehe yes it's been mentioned before! I find it easier to run to music with interesting lyrics or stuff I haven't heard in awhile. I have tracks on random and if I don't feel like it I skip on. An eminem track came up last week and I enjoyed that one. Rhi rhi good if you like upbeat stuff. Depends what you into to start with. Im an indie chick at heart and still love ny charlatans ! Music I'm familiar with sometimes doesn't hold my aention then i think how tired I am and think I've done my 5k and end up stopping. I keep meaning to try an audio book. But just need to focus on a set training regime until recently I've been trying to increase ny 5k time hence obsession with 5k .good luck for your 5k. I will price up the audio fuel but think the first one mentioned I will try i will google it. Thanks again all :-)

  • thanks agian - currently downloading the sami murphy ones :)

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