Ready to go!

My name tag gives away my age , my shirts give away my size!

I have had a desk based role for a couple of years and despite the opportunity to get into a gym , time has been my I came across the C25K podcast last week and thought Why not?

Bought some running shoes at the weekend and started Monday night biggest worry is my family taking the p*** out of my efforts and chuckling at me trying to run round the nearby fields, but I shouldn't have worried..I completed first run yesterday and feel a bit tight in the legs today but the biggest result was my very fit daughter saying "Dad , I am proud of you".

Now looking forward to second run on Wednesday , not sure whether morning or evening will suit .....I will let you know.


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16 Replies

  • Ooh ! Well done you. It's getting out of the door for the first time that's often the biggest hurdle. Good luck for the rest of this great adventure. We all want to know how you get on so keep us updated !

  • Congrats on getting started on the programme - often the hardest bit! Be warned , it becomes very addictive!

    Good luck!

  • Aw well done Billy !

    The first step is always the hardest ...

    You've got to keep going now , your daughter thinks youre dead cool , so you cant stop until you have finished the programme ha ha :-) xxx

    Good luck on your next run, take it steady, don't worry about speed or distance at this stage , the programme is designed to build up stamina and to prepare you for the next run, it really works !

    You can do this , all the best ! :-) xxx

  • Hi! I am a similar age to you and have just started running again after 10 years and losing two stone. I was and still am nervous that people will see me running and criticise or laugh at me, I've always ran on treadmills before, with only an occasional outside run. Nobody bats an eyelid. I passed a group of three lads twice tonight. I was nervous but they were chatting amongst themselves and weren't a bit interested in me. It's only by getting out there and doing it that you will build up the confidence. Good luck for run 2, and what a lovely thing your daughter said.

  • well are going to love it... :)

  • We'll done for making a start. But you have been warned....... It is addictive! Very! And so is shopping for sports gear! Not that i have bought anything new....this week! Found some I like and even bought the smaller size for when I lose inches lol

    The program works just sick to it and happy running

  • Good work, Chap. I'm the same age as you and started in April. The programme really works if you stick with it. My kids haven't professed any great pride in my achievements as such but my sons are delighted that I can now play football with them as long as they can rather than sitting watching them.

  • Well done. Getting the shoes on and out the door is the hardest bit. Now that's over with you can just enjoy yourself. Don't go too fast. Slow, steady jogging is all you need

  • Welcome, billy and what a wonderful thing for your daughter to say. Good luck with the programe ;)

  • My kids have been my biggest motivators. They are so supportive I am amazed. But then they push me to go further than I ever intended. And I am not allowed to say I can't do it. Maybe they just want to prove to themselves (they're at mid-life crisis age) that becoming decrepit is not inevitable! Be warned!

  • You've made a fantastic start well done, just remember to drink plenty (I learnt the hard way! lol) I'm also in my first week and hoping it gets easier as the minutes are just far too long :D

  • Congratulations for getting out there and starting, you will have no regrets. So sweet that your daughter is so proud of you.....that must have been such a lovely feeling to of heard that articulated.

    Welcome to a brilliant supportive forum, and keep up us informed of your progress.

  • Ooh, you're 6 years younger than me, so you're a mere slip of a lad. So glad your family is behind your efforts, I'm sure it makes a big difference. Perhaps you and your daughter might run together soon?

  • Often we are our biggest enemy thinking people will take the mickey. It's so nice to be proved wrong!

    So now you have no excuse to duck out.... Welcome to the club!

  • You've made the first step to one of the best things you'll ever do - well done you.

    Your daughter is right to be proud. Be pleased with yourself too.

    I've done all my runs since May early morning - cooler and fresher.

    Keep posting on this great forum to let us know how you progress - and we're here for help, suppt and encouragement too :-)

    ps I'm a year older! Never been fit before - if I can do this then anyone can :-)

  • Good luck! The plan is brilliant and really works - 7 weeks ago I wouldn't even bother running for a bus, now I can run non-stop for 25 minutes!! You'll get there too!!

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