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Started Couch to 5K and Ready to Run!


Hi everyone, nice to meet you all!

Feeling very good today as I started the Couch to 5k yesterday after being told about it by a friend. I am one of those people who really benefit from someone telling me what to do and so having Laura on my IPod bossing me about (albeit in a very friendly way!) was great. I found Week 1 much harder than I thought I would. I wasn't out of breath but the burn in my legs was tough, especially when I got to the last two runs.

Not so fond of people watching me run at this point and think that if I keep this up I need to get some more supportive clothing!!

Will do a second run today and a third one on Tuesday. Love reading everyone else's blogs - really motivating so thank you!

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Welcome to you. If your legs are burning, try a more level route at first and also see what running on grass does for you. You must get some supportive underwear- it's painful to run without! Enjoy your outings :)

Thanks for the helpful comments - I agree on the supportive undies! :-)


Welcome, and congrats on your first run. I personally find a "high impact" sports bra to be just as important as decent running shoes, so if you lack them, you get to go shopping!

If you feel sore during/after your runs (and that is totally normal, especially at the beginning), you can also try stretching AFTER your run or at least after your warmup. Don't stretch while your muscles are still cold. I find that regular stretching makes future runs much more pleasant, and limits discomfort and soreness in between my runs.

Best of luck!

CookieMW in reply to Alaiyo

Thanks for the comments - totally agree, my running trainers are good but I need a more supportive sports bra. I have not been too sore after the run, just during but I will try and do more stretching next time.

I have found wearing an aerobic outfit (that is about 15 years old and has sat in a drawer for a very long time!) under my running gear really helps. It is a vest top and shorts all in one, is probably about 4 sizes too small but makes me believe that everything is wobbling less! Have also just bought some good running trainers as worried about shin splints and they seem to have done the trick.


Well done on getting off the couch and joining this forum it will really help you through.

Thanks BecToots and Glendam52 for the supportive comments too - this is a very warm and welcoming site!


I thought we had to have a rest day between each session - is that not really necessary then? Did first session today was planning on doing next one on Thurs as I have a Pilates class on Wednesday anyway .... 3 times a week is going to be a struggle I will be honest but I will try,

TJFlute in reply to Lambykin

Definitely have a rest day between runs: It helps prevent injuries.

CookieMW in reply to Lambykin

I am trying my best to always have a rest day (and this week did Sat, Sun, Tues and will then do Thurs and Sat) but I am in a job where sometimes I have to get up at 5 and then not get back in until 9pm so I need to take advantage of the days I get. Where possible I will always have a rest day.

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