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Hmm. Should I worry?

So first run in new shoes and my arches were rather sore at end - not sure why:

1. The new shoes wrong for me (really hope not this)

2. Just new and settling in

3. Not quite got lacing right

4. Just one of those things

5. Coincidence- socks not right

Trouble is old ones (that can't get anymore) so comfy it makes hard to tell. The guy in shop said these were suitable (I have a pretty neutral run and these have moderate gel padding) and they felt very similar to walk in. I wish I'd bought more pairs of the old ones when I could. i guess I should do some more runs in them.

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Well, from someone who was injured by super duper new shoes, DON'T wear them all the time straight away. Walk in them first. Then maybe use them once a week for a couple of weeks, then twice a week etc until you are used to them. Hope they work out....

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When I first wore my new shoes I had aches in my calf area but this only lasted for a couple of runs. I put it down to the new shoes and me getting used to them.


Ooh this could be me writing this post! Also got new shoes which are okay but not a patch on my old ones. I have trawled the net to try and find some more like my old ones but they are nowhere to be had :-(


A 'wise-after-the-event' comment, but SweatShops offer a 30 day total satisfaction deal. I can see the sense of this now! New shoes do take time to try properly, and that means more than a few fine-day walks in the park. Henpen and Paul have both good suggestions from their own experiences! Check to see if your supplier offered any exchange deals (on the satisfaction/suitability issue) then go about some gradual 'wearing in' of your new shoes checking alternate lacing patterns and different socks. With luck you'll find it was just one of those things ... I do hope so ... It's so exciting to get out in new shoes. Good luck X


Sadly, no sweatshops anywhere near here. Local shop is independent which I'm glad to support but suspect means refund less likely. But yes, will wear in more.


My new ones felt really odd the first two times out - the only way I can descibe is was a really uncomfortable fuzzy/tingly feeling across the ball of both feet after about 1k. And I thought i'd have to take them back - but the third one sorted it and they are fine now. Maybe you need to wear them in a bit more too?

If youre convinced, and the store is good - if that arent worn they might exchnge them? depends how they sold 'em to you i guess?

GOod luck either way!


Taken advice and walked a bit in them. Still not sure. Will run in old for rest of week. Should have asked what their returns policy was - might still email. So hard to tell if wrong or just different.


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