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It's only taken 3 1/2 years!

I'm a bit pleased this morning, as I completed WK9 run 3 last night. This was my 4th attempt at Couch to 5k in 3 1/2 years!

I managed to pick the pace up a bit too, and at last 5 minutes decided to continue for as long as possible to try and complete 5K, for the helluvit, it being the last Couch to 5k run after all. Not to be as battery on phone ran out, made it to 2.84 miles in 35 mins, which will do me fine.

For me it's not just the accomplishment of now being able to keep going for 30mins+ - it's the fact that I've stuck to something; been determined to complete it for my own sake, in spite of a hectic home life and toddler waking at night, sinus infection and D&V bug (soz) and all sorts of messy life stuff. In my previous 3 attempts at Couch to 5K, something would sidetrack me and I wouldn't get back to the program. Then weeks would pass and it didn't seem worth trying again. I'd feel defeated and irritated with myself, until the next, 'Get-fit-lose-wieght-once-and-for-all' campaign. I've had to wait quite a while to try again this time; I bust my elbow two years ago, then pregnancy, then newborn, then a broken toe tripping over bouncy chair (!) (just as I'd started Couch25K for the 3rd time).

I think I've succeeded this time as I haven't overthunk it. No rigid long term goals or thinking about the future. I just focussed on getting to the next run and made a pact with my husband, that exercise has to be scheduled in to our daily lives no matter what; supporting each other to make it out of the door every other day, in spite of piles of laundry/washing up!

Things that have helped me stick to the program and complete it in the 27 runs:Chose to do it in Spring, more daylight so can get out when husb home from work to babysit. Before starting the program, I got more active improving core strength with a Davina McColl work out and daily walks pushing pram (pretty much round my running route). I run in clothes I dodn't feel self conscious in (no lycra!) and took 2 sometimes 3 days rest between weeks ( more when I was poorly) - it really helps. Oh and last but by no means least, joined this community. The experience, advice, support, links etc are invaluable.

So after all that - now the running really begins. I really hope it's become habit for me, and is a non-negotiable part of my routine. I'm going to try the Couch to 5k+ podcasts, and perhaps in a few weeks, register for Bolton Park Run. And that's as far as I'm thinking.

Thanks again


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Well done! I'm sure many of us can identify with the start-stop thing. I for one may have graduated twice in 3 years or so, but have started it at least 5 times... And despite having managed a 10k a few weeks ago, I know I'm going to have to backtrack some way as I've not run in a fortnight, and with a combination of husband on bedrest and young not-yet-housetrained puppy, running is (not surprisingly) taking a bit of a back seat. Messy life stuff, as you say! ;)

But you've got this far - and as you say, this isn't the end, but where it all really begins. Happy running!


Oh puppies.. adorable but take you to the edge! it'll be a while yet until your pup is your running buddy - hope he/she doesn't chew the carpet when left alone like Seamus did! Thanks v much your comments. If our lives where predictable and linear things would be a lot easier - but that's where the challenge lies. I'm hoping if I don't over think it and just do, the training being the goal more than anything then it'll stick this time..well here's hoping ! Reassuring to know I'm not the only stop/starter !


I should think you are a bit pleased with yourself! Well done!

The important thing now is to mix it up a bit until you find what you enjoy so that you will keep at it. Enjoy yourself!


Thank you! I shall keep saying that to myself, as I beat the demons during the first 10 mins of every run..


Isn't it wonderful? It makes you feel on top of the world. I know, it just happened to me. Good stuff. You did well.


Yes! i do feel a bit pleased with myself! Congratulations to you too.


Wahay! Well done. Fabulous news.

Yeah, I agree. Keep your plans fluid and don't be in too big a hurry to go further/faster. I think the more chilled you are the better your running will be. You can't have a rigid timetable when you have little ones can you

Have fun! That's the thing. It will help with keeping the weight stable and chances are you will want to keep eating healthily so you can be a better runner


Thanks so much! No you're right - life does revolve around an 18 month old monkey child just now. Funnily enough diet is getting an overhaul at the min too. It's easier to do now I'm getting more committed to the running, I know getting the extra weight off will help a lot.


Well done sounds like you have had a busy few years!! I sense your very committed now, both me and my partner run and it's great. We enter events together, doing the same and different distances. but it's great motivationbecause we help each other and running, hiking, cycling is such a huge part of our lives.

I have seen many couples on Saturday morning out with tiny babies and little ones. The toddlers cycle on their balance bikes around the park, babies take it in turns being walked around the running route with dad then mum or vice versa. I smile as I think it's fab!!

Good luck with the rest of your running. Now celabrate because you did it!! Congrats once again


Oh thanks for your lovely comments. I also think it's good for your relationships, self respect and self esteem and all that jazz. Trying to be a more positive 'role model' for the children too. As an 'older' mum I feel I have to try a bit harder to keep well too.


Well done! I graduated just over a week ago and hope to continue, i'm also looking to attend the Bolton parkrun at some point. I've registered but just need to get myself there! May see you there at some point :-)


Thanks v much and the same to you! I'm a bit scared of doing parkrun (yet) - but I will get there. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on, and yes it'd be good to meet a fellow graduate!


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