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Hill work

So today in NZ I was forced by lack of other options to run out from my daughter's farm. Lovely scenery. Lovely morning. But omg the hills! The way out was 2 1/2 K of almost solid steep uphill track. I somehow managed to keep 'running' even though it was at a world record slow pace. And heck did I know I'd done a workout. The way back was obviously better and aided by gravity I speeded up so that the total 5K was still done in 44 minutes. I feel really pleased with myself. Previously I have always avoided hills as they made me so out of breath I neared collapse. Obviously I am now fitter than I was so though it was hard, it was 'do-able'. I think hill work may be exactly what I need so I can build up my stamina in time for my 10K in July. I plan to repeat the run on Monday and see if I can shave a bit off the time. (Sorry to tell you poor Brits but I needed to put sunblock on even though it was 8am! )

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Sounds perfect. Sun and hills. Great way to build up for that 10k as you say. Good luck.


Thank you. Wish I could share the sunshine with you...


Go turnturtle - I know your dilemma having never really experienced a proper hill until I did my race for life in Edinburgh and had to go up to come down. Did another run over Christmas where I pushed myself up and down dale and felt really good about it. But not as good as repeating my Edinburgh run a fortnight ago in the Bupa Great Winter Run and getting a new PB over 5k - I feel I must have pushed myself that little bit more. The best thing is whatever the pace up hill just keep running as the sense of achievement in not walking is fantastic.

Enjoy NZ home of the long white cloud - Scotland seems to be home of the low grey cloud at the moment!


Thanks c4ts. I will NOt walk!!! I am aching a bit today, but probably as much because my pregnant daughter made me exercise her horse and I haven't ridden for six months. This wasn't quite how I visualised retirement. But it's better than filling my life with daytimeTV!


I'm really impressed! I'm still at the stage where any bit of a hill nearly kills me!


Great - well done! Must have been a good feeling at the top!

I'm just moving onto wk8, but have challenged myself with a 5K 1:13 average gradient uphill run before the end of the year - to keep 'running' is the goal! I did a much easier, hardly noticeable 1:25 gradient up and back (2k up, 2k back) yesterday - was pleasantly surprised how easy it was compared with how I thought it would be - even got a PB over 1k on the way back.

Good luck on your second attack of the hill, and beyond.


Thanks weighty80. I did the run again today. It didn't feel any easier but I cut 45 seconds off my time despite having to stop to retie my shoelace! My Strava said the worst gradient was an average 4.7 % over .9 K. Not sure what that means but it certainly slowed me down..I do feel it's making me stronger though. PB's are good aren't they? But so is the running itself. And the constant amazement that it is lazy exercise allergic me who is actually doing this!


Improvements!! :D

4.7% grade is about 1:22 ratio or 2.7 degrees. Try putting a treadmill to 3 degrees or more and you'll be getting close.

That's brilliant!! :D

I got three PBs on GarminConnect this morning, longest run, fastest 1km AND fastest 5K at a little over 31minutes!! :D (I only ran for 28... rest was warmup/down)


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