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How difficult would you find it to keep running without this forum?


When I am out on a run I often think about you, my running buddies. I wonder who else is out running, how the training and races are going and how people on the IC are faring. Sometimes I compose a post in my head.

I love to share your triumphs, what you have seen, your race experiences and all the highs and lows.

If I am in two minds about whether to go on a run, a quick visit to the site will fire up my enthusiasm and I'll be off to find my running shoes. If I have a worry or achievement to share, I know that you guys will totally understand and celebrate or support me.

I was thinking this morning how much harder it would be to keep going without this site - probably not too hard on a glorious day like today, but difficult on the cold, dark days when motivation takes a back seat.

So, my friends, I salute you all and give thanks to the NHS for recognising how vital this virtual support network is.

And in the interests of sharing, I tried to send a picture of my favourite 5k route, but the system won't let me 😳

Happy running!

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Spot on!! I feel exactly the same....knowing I can post on here helps when I have to really dig in and keep moving. It's a simple yet wonderful thing. And all for free c/o our precious NHS. Getting the graduation badge next to my name has an enormous impact too, like getting a sticker or gold star at school, but I'm 49!! What's that all about? Makes me wonder why they don't have more badges, gold stars or similar to keep graduates motivated after week 9.

Well said you :)

Great question Ullyrunner! And I agree with you. I do all those things on runs too! I do think that only C25K runners really get what we're thinking and how we feel which is why the support is just the best here. We all just "get it".

To answer your question I'd find it very difficult to get out and keep going without this forum. Some days I really don't feel like it but then I think of others here who are probably feeling the same way and if they're running then why shouldn't I and that gets me going.

I found the forum especially critical when I spent some time on the old IC last year. I just loved reading the posts and everyone's stories and rather than make me pine for not being able to run, they kept me sane and motivated for when I could run again.

Yes, the NHS has given us a great gift here. Shall we tell the politicians?


Hi Ullyrunner, I did exactly that yesterday, I was starting to flag but thought of all the people who regularly post on this site and imagined you all cheering me on. I thought of JJ and her mammoth task in Paris this weekend and thought what's 5k compared to a marathon, it kept me going that's for sure. This site is invaluable for all its fantastic support and I for one love it. I work for NHS and sometimes we get it right, thank you. Brill post and happy running.


There is an obvious bond tween people on this site, because we all found this route into running, and we have been through similar challenges and experienced similar joys. I have a friend who is a GP who hadn't thought to promote C25K before hearing my experience; he just didn't think people would stick with the programme or get much benefit from going it alone. He was unaware of a whole community of success stories, and the power of that collective energy. Long may we all keep running, and keep posting


Yes I feel the same Ully, I love to share the highs and lows and would be lost without this forum. I feel that I have made so many friends and have so much support. I always get a bit tetchy if I don't get time to read or post. I always try and remember all the names on the forum and to picture what everybody is doing. We're like one big happy family really aren't we! Sometimes I'm just sitting here crying with laughter, sometimes tears of sadness but I certainly wouldn't be without it x :-)


I absolutely agree. Either my friends and acquaintances have been running for years or they wouldn't dream of going for a run so I felt very much on my own starting C25K until I found this forum. I have found there's a whole world out there and I often think of the people who post on here when I'm out running on my own, it definitely kept me going.


I agree with all these comments. I don't post much but I love reading about the journeys others are on. I also try and encourage others who post. The forum has really helped me feel like I belong to a huge online running club and has given me confidence as I do not feel I am running alone.


Great post Ully :D couldn't have put it better myself . being a lone runner having and knowing you have a virtual support team right there with you is just amazing , certainly wouldn't have got through C25K or achieved many of my goals with out everyone here and also the support whilst on the IC ,so it works all ways , long may it continue


Think having other people in the same boat helped me keep going and I lnow I can do this as many others are doing this 😬 done another 3k today... Without the dog now I'm on my own... Sort of x


You're right, this is a great forum!

When I've done c25k in the past I've had running buddies and we've kept each other going. As I'm going alone this time, I've really leaned on you guys in the forum and I really appreciate your advise and support.

It's great to read and share in others triumphs and know that we're not alone when the going gets tough.


I can't confess to it helping me get out of the door, but it is the only forum I'm on and although I've got nothing to compare it to, you guys are always here during the highs and the lows and give a lot of support and I love spending even just 15mins a day looking through all of the new posts! Happy running all :D


You're absolutely right. I don't post much here now, three years on from graduating, but I read it every day and still consider myself part of the forum. A great bunch of people who really get it about running.


Lovely post - this forum is my inspiration too. Someone on here once advised me that the resolution of my photo was too great - I solved the problem after that having tried about 5 times.


Brilliant post. I totally agree! I saw someone running past my house yesterday and he looked familiar! I was convinced it was someone off here!!! This is a brilliant group. I am in others on FB but this is the best by far!!!!


Without this forum, as you say, when motivation flags or other things get in the way, it would be only too easy for running to get pushed into the background and maybe forgotten, as happens to many. However, with this wonderful forum, we are constantly reminded of our own and other people's struggles to acquire the running habit and how could we ever dream of letting that slip if we ever wanted to show our faces on here again.

In nearly two years on here, I have probably read just about every post and most responses, but can only think of two occasions when contributors have been dismissive of others, and in each case those individuals were calmly and politely reminded that this site works so well because we are not judgemental, but supportive and inclusive. It is an affirmation that most people in this world are reasonable and considerate. If only the whole world could work like this.

Well said Ully.


The thing I probably like most about this Forum??

There are MANY running forums on the Internet - but it seems to me that most are frequented by younger, faster , more capable runners than me!! :) . This is mostly a forum for beginner runners - yes, many go on to be great runners but some of those remember their early days and remain here. So -in a nutshell - I feel comfortable here !! :)


100% agreement from me. I learn something new everyday on the forum & am constantly inspired. I actually came across it by accident & boy am I glad I did. I've looked at another couple of forums but none seem as friendly or supportive of runners at all levels as this one is. Absolutely no doubt that I would've struggled to keep the motivation withput all of you on here.

Thank you all & thank you Ullyrunner for the post. X ☺😆

Great post Ully, you are right this is a lovely friendly forum which offers help, support and congratulations long may it continue. 😊


I read more than I post. I find you all inspirational and while I don't often need the push to get out, I have done in the past. Posting my achievements feels good, because you all understand, so your positive feedback means so much more to me. I had got so much from this forum that I do try to support the newer runners, as those before me freely gave their support and advice.

I am pretty sure I might have considered giving without the forum (though I am quite cussed, so would have been really cheesed off if I had given up!). Everyone here is so positive, and someone always has the answer, or gives you a kick up if you need it. I've had so many ups and downs in the last 10 months, but you guys have always got me through. Thanks one and all x

well done on this post Ullyrunner- Yep, i agree, this forum is FAB and like others i sometimes think of my post while i'm jogging along, and i'm sure i bore my friends TOO much with" oh the forum" tales! I've made some really lovely friends and even met some of them for real! and they were alll as lovely as i thought they would be! theres plenty of fun on here as well as serious advice, and the great thing is we all understand the ups and downs of this journey :) i think my life would be sadder without it and i would most certainly not have stuck to my running schedule with the same enthusiam ! thanks NHS :)


So so true!!! Whenever I struggle for motivation to get out the door, I simply come and read a bit on here and get my bum out the door! So much fantastic support here (including on Garmin Connect) that I really am so grateful to you all


Totally agree. I don't think I'd have kept going without the forum and I often think about people from it when I'm out running. There's even a cheesy song on my playlist that sings about 'all the people' and it makes me think about all the C25K-ers out there doing their stuff!

Got to agree with everything that has been said. I love this forum. When I got the call to be an volunteer admin I accepted without a second thought. I couldn't imagine any other place I would rather be in my spare time. it has helped me In So many ways and I love the fact everyone is so nice and supportive. and I really love the fact I have the fantastic job of giving people their graduation badges.

UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

And we should say thanks to you RFC for the contribution you make to the forum.

Glad there are so many like minded souls out there. What a fab bunch!


I am training for a half marathon. I know I can do it, I've done it before, but I don't like the training. On Sunday I had to do 10 miles. At 7 miles, when the going got tough, I thought of Juicy on this forum. I found myself thinking, "If Juicy can do a marathon, I can do a bl***y half!! The thought of Juicy kept me going!


Fab post Ully, and yes I agree 100% .

Most friendliest, supportive forum on the internet for me. I don't do Facebook or Twitter etc , in fact I only post on this one .

We have it all here, laughs, tears, inspirational stories ,and everyone " gets it "

Its like being part of a huge family :-) xxx


I signed up to this forum when I started the first week, and read a lot of posts to motivate myself, commented from time to time but didn't dare to post until this week. That's when you and three others helped me to get my trainers back on after two weeks of illness without being scared I'd fail. So thanks. :-)

You're right: the company motivated me all the way through. I'm now checking daily, and it's changed my whole outlook on the C25K programme.

UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to mfamilias

So glad to hear that - great that you are back on track. Running is for life and there will always be small (or sometimes large) setbacks. Part of succeeding in the programme is learning how to dust yourself off and get back out there!


Ditto Ullyrunner! Would never have got this far without my forum friends. I always compose my post during the run and It might change a bit nearer the end! Unfortunately I don't always get to write it but deep down I know you all heard it and I know what your replies were!! Great post thanks.

I whole heartedly agree with that Ullyrunner. I've had another bit of a hiatus when I pulled a muscle in my back. I wasn't feeling the love at all for it. When I've missed a few weeks I feel like I've left it too long, and it's too hard to come back to it, and all the other useless negative feelings etc. but one of the posters on here asked how I was getting on and believe it or not but it motivated me out of the mire of despond and back on the road last night, and I had the most wonderful run.

I also think about the other runners and the challenges they are facing and the motivation that's required when we are starting out and it's new and sometimes very hard work. I like reading the beginners posts and how they are getting on, and the realisation that they can do it, and the changes it brings. The support network on here is the bees knees quite frankly and I'm very glad I'm part of it.

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