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Short Run in the Heat

I hadn't managed a run since last Saturday and that was W9R1, so very disappointed not to be able to fit it in, but the heat has wiped me out. So I decided if it did rain on Saturday and cool it down a bit I would head off.

8.15pm, had a hot day, 2 hours ironing, 2 hours school uniform shopping in non-air-conditioned shop, boys in bed. Good time to head off, but shattered after the day of non-stop stuff. Husband came up with the idea of a short route, but at a faster pace. I am usually the slowest runner on the planet, so thought I would give it a go.

0.6 miles in 7 minutes. Still not the fastest but 1.2 miles per hour faster than normal! Couldn't keep it up for long but very pleased I broke by week of no running, ran without Laura (strange to hear my breathing), and a faster pace, proving I can do it.

Back on track now, 2 runs until I graduate, then onwards and upwards.

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Well done,graduation will be great be well deserved


Well done and the finishing line is in sight :) Good luck :)


Stick with the programme. No need for speed, and not in the heat of the day. Going to quick too soon will get you crocked! Slow and steady gets you to the end of the run


Thanks for the replies, I only did the quick run as a trial and because it was late, raining and it had cooled down a lot and I hadn't done anything energetic for a week. I didn't have time or energy to go for a 30 min jog and a 10 min walk, I needed my dinner!!

Will get back on track when I can find a shady route - had a lovely walk through a woods today, so might aim for that as my next 30 min jog.


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