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Big change up ahead

Today I move to Belfast for 3 months, because of that I knew my running schedule would be messed up, so today Was meant to Wk8R2 but I did it last night in the gym on a treadmill (whilst it's slightly easier convenience wise I prefer being outside)

Anyway it was a real struggle but I'm coming down with a cold, so that's probably why, I'm hoping all the change and upheaval doesn't ruin my flow and momentum too much.

Two of my friends have started the program because I've been such an advocate, I can't believe how far I've come in two months, I realise I will never be the fastest or run the furthest but I love feeling of finishing and feeling alive.

So let's hope I manage to finish despite all these changes.

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Good luck with your move today! Well done for getting as far as you have. You sound pretty motivated and positive to me, so I am sure you will finish the programme. Just stick with it, not long to go now, and then you begin the rest of your running journey! It's fantastic isn't it! Let us all know how it goes x :-)


Good luck with your move. I have friends who are working their way through the programme because I have been singing its praises too! It really works! Once you are settled in Belfast, just think of the new routes you will find to continue your journey :) good luck


You'll finish this thing Hills!!!! Don't even think about not doing so. We'll be here to support you through your moving upheaval and keep you running.

You're so close to the finish line now so keep going


Hope the move goes well. Don't worry - you're clearly a convert and won't lose the flow. Soon be graduating!


Hi, hope you enjoy your 3 months in Belfast! Don't know what sort of distance you are running at the moment, but you could consider going along to one of the many parkruns there. It might be a good way to meet some other runners, and probably some C25K people, and if it's anything like the ones I've been to in Leeds it's a positive, friendly environment so might be good motivation? We'll be seeing your Graduate badge soon ;-)


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