Weighty Matters

So today I had a health check-up...I always dread these things and today was a case in point; despite losing a couple of clothes sizes I have not lost and pound/ounce/gram (for you metricists)! So there I am walking home, feeling a bit sorry for myself and trying to fathom it out - I mean I have lost inches, how can the static weight be? There it is, swirling around my head and suddenly I think - screw it, I'm going for a run!

So is there a point to the rambling musings of Piglet? Yes! Before I would have made myself feel better with food and sat on my bottom; C25K might not have made me lighter but it has definitely made me fitter and more resilient.


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10 Replies

  • Don't worry p1glet, I've lost inches but not lbs too, but muscle weighs more than fat so it's not a problem. I love that your solution is to go for a run :)

  • You may have not lost any weight, but the fact that your clothes size has gone down does mean you're slimmer. Also fitter. Both of which are plus points!

  • Good for you!

  • Fitter and more resilient sound like good results to me. And what a great decision to run not comfort eat, your changed way of thinking and dealing with a crisis will pay dividends in the end. Keep at it.

  • Running regularly, and doing a longer run either weekly or fortnightly, will burn loads of calories so you will see a change.

    Have you made any changes to your diet since running?

  • Well done P1glet my weight isn't changing much but like you I know I am fitter. Some bodybuilders have very low body fat but BMIs that make them obese. Muscle weighs more than fat and you have been losing fat if not weight. Love your decision to go for a run and get those endorphins flowing. I'm pretty certain that less calories in plus more calories used through running will gradually lead to weight loss. Good luck

  • Well done just think - fitter, more resilience & firmer wobbly bits (that last bit is my gain) can't be bad.

  • There is a point where you will be building muscle instead of flab ; the muscle weighs more, hence the change in shape despite the lack of improvement in weight even when the measurements are improving. The thing is, if you start doing something different diet wise now, you should start seeing a change. I fast 2 days a week (not consecutive days) and it made a huge difference really quickly. Really well done on changing the mindset from snacking to going for a run , that's huge! Good for you!! I do find that if I run before a meal. I generally eat less, which helps, too.

  • Thank you all for the comments. I eat a healthy diet and to be frank I care about how I look not what I weigh. As gettingfitter highlighted, I have seen the results of a calorie deficit, I have just put on more muscle. Really this is no surprise, as based on body fat and lean mass when I was unfit my recommended weight was 75kg. I'm 5'2" lol. Stupid bmi. I'll get new measurements done, see if I am more than 60kg lean tissue now xx

  • I'll bet you are pleased when you look in the mirror these days though :) I had 7lbs still to go when I was losing weight and could not shift it. I tried interval training in running and swimming. I lost the final 7lbs in 5 weeks and I had previously been stuck at the same weight for months. When you do sprints/recovery runs your metabolism works long after you have stopped. Loads of athletes/footballers etc use this to build up strength and stamina too. You can apply the same intervals to cycling, rowing as well. The beuty of it too is you don't have to do it for long. Why not give it a try, its fun too.

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