Some days you should just listen to your body and Ferd I am attached to the other end of the lead

Some days you should just listen to your body and Ferd I am attached to the other end of the lead

Rough night, too hot, issues relating to tablets (going to the doctors today to see if I can get the slow release version) and well not really been feeling too great for the last week.

Decided a short run would sort me out. It didn't. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but it was hard and I was tired. Battle dog came along with me, I bathed him yesterday he was clean and white and smelled lovely....

Today he is well smelly, the whiffy aroma of canal.

So off we went warm up walk and we say morning to horsey lady returning home from doing what ever it is you need to do with horses. Pass horsey lady number two erm painting her horses hooves! Honestly it looked like a giant pot of nail varnish.

And then time to start the zombie app, I have new earphones now, bright pink really nice and actually for cheap earphones (sony) pretty good sound quality, I am remembering to keep them out of the way of bunnies.

So we start. It's good. It's ok. I feel fine. Battle dog off lead, dives into the undergrowth and comes out looking like a swamp monster. Onto the bridge over the canal to the tow path. Splosh. Clean(ish) dog. Sorted.

Urgh the smell from the sewage plant or bog of eternal stench.

Further up and it's time for battle dog to be tethered for the sake of the coots. Hitch him up, and on I go.

Woooah! what! ooofph.

Arm almost wrenched out of socket as I almost get dragged into the canal almong with battle dog.

And so I take my dog for a nice gentle swim, on his lead, find a spot to lift him out - which means me crouching on the bank reaching over and grabbing his harness. Yes I get wet, the water is erm well smelly.

The rest of the run I just felt sluggish and I wanted it over, I did rally towards the end and even did a spot of pavement pounding - to complete the mission.

Made it. Home. Water. Feed hoard. Shower.

I have a headache and an earache. No bike ride for me today and I was looking forwards to it, today planned trip was to include coffee and cake :(

Still I have been fantasy shopping.

Ummmm garmin forerunner .... Nikon D3300 .... Ummmmm both! Have to be good I only have a 12 month contract (such is life and the job market now days, it's never easy especially when your choose to be a civil servant, there is a good chance of extension).

And how come the forerunner10 had dropped to about £70 and has now gone back up in price :(

Ummm which colour?

10 or 15 I think I have decided against a HRM


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20 Replies

  • Oh dear. It sounds like 'one of those days/runs'. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon and can get out and enjoy your running ;o)

  • I think I need a new route, or maybe it's time for another dog free run, as much as I love running with him it does mean I can never truely get into the flow

  • Sounds like a good idea. Maybe combine the two, run a new route without the dog ;)

  • At least you got out there and ran, so even if it wasn't a perfect run, it was a run ( and that sounds pretty good when you're on the injury couch!) Hope you're feeling better soon - I reserve a special hatred for earache, so you have my sympathies. Take care of yourself Spoonie, you've got to keep fighting off those zombies- Mankind is relying on you. :)

    As for your Garmin dilemma, I shared it until I decided that the fitness band function of the 15, although interesting, wasn't what I was buying the Garmin for. And, more importantly, it would probably keep going off at work at inconvenient moments. I delegated to colour choice to daughter no2 because I couldn't decide myself. Good luck :)

  • I don't like earaches either I was plagued with them as a child and then I got a particularly nasty ear infection when I was at uni, I had to come home, I remember the pain was so bad one night that I even woke up my mum.

    The only thinking behind the 15 is that I could add a HRM strap at a later date, but after reading around and stuff I am pretty sure I don't really need/want one. I like the purple one but typical this is now the most expensive colour, I really wish I'd just been naughty the other week when the price had dropped to £70, however the green one is £70, I really don't understand why the different colours are different prices :(

  • Oh spoonie it's not great when things don't go to plan. But it sounds like your run was mostly good. You got out there kept the zombies at bay and finished with a flourish. I too indulged in fanatasy shopping but saw the 620 was about £50 off and I'm a sucker for a bargain and it became real shopping.

    Just need to explain the rationale to my better half when she gets home.

  • Well I have a pretty good rationale for need the camera as I will be re opening my online shop soon and I want to refresh my product photos - the fact I have a camera is beside the point :D

    And as for the garmin, it's a watch as well and I don't have one of those and as my new job is in the city centre I will have to use public transport so I will need to know the time and of course there is the running :D

    I need to win lotto

  • You got out there and did it - A headache and earache is not good -make sure you rest up! A bike ride with tea and cake after sounds like my ideal bike ride, can i come please?

    I would go with garmin - even though i am not talking to mine at the moment. Thats my vote.

  • Oh dear why are you not talking to your garmin? Mind you I'm not talking to my car garmin as it keeps crashing - hope a reset will sort it out, I'm lost without it.

  • Oh dear why are you not talking to your garmin? Mind you I'm not talking to my car garmin as it keeps crashing - hope a reset will sort it out, I'm lost without it.

  • She decided not to talk to the satellites! I hope your reset works ok and you become friends again.

  • I have spent a good part of my day doing updates on the blooming thing, need to go out and test it now.

  • Mine decided to do that, not talk to the satellites, the day before my HM, luckily I noticed it when taking mutt for a walk so didn't get to the start line and cry/throw a temper fit. I learnt quite a bit about it (that I've forgotten now), including (it's a FR10 by the way), did you know you can turn them off? I didn't! I ended up resetting it, then I had to reset all the settings within it (weight, auto-pause, units etc) as they all reset themselves back to the factory setting (it would have been nice to have had that info in the re-setting instructions).

  • Well hopefully the updates will work. I am testing mine tomorrow on a run.

    Beads - how annoying before a hm - I think I would have taken it off and stomped on it like a cartoon character, then sobbed uncontrobally afterwards once I realised my error in judgment!

  • Well done for getting out Spoonie :) You did what you could despite a bit of adversity. And it sounds like battle dog had a whale of a time :)

    My Forerunner 10 is lovely. I'm know mine and Treemouse's are green, M_Y went for pink, how would you feel about a purple to complete the set?

    This site has ridiculously in depth reviews and might help you compare the 10 to the 15


  • Yes Ferd really did enjoy himself - it really was comical him on the lead swimming while I walked along the bank.

    I have been leaning heavily towards the purple but typically it's now the most expensive colour :( really miffed cause they had dropped to smigde over £70 now the purple one is almost £79 maybe if I um and ah a bit longer the price will drop again!

  • See, even after i read the post, i was still mentally designing wrist tattoos to go there!

  • So was I....always designing new tattoos, quicker that I can afford to get them :)

  • I dont have, or want, any. But my daughter and her friends got matching ones on their inside wrists. Virtually skin tone, you can only see them if they are tan. They were california teens, so that was easy then. now they are grown ups with jobs and two moved away, not so easy now.

  • I have already designed more of my arm but that space was purposely left for braclets or watches :)

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