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Not the right way to do this so any advice welcome

I've signed up for the Great Scottish Run 10k on Sunday at the last minute earlier this week. I haven't really been training for it just 2 or 3 5k runs each week. I've done a few Parkruns averaging 28:30min and some hill work.

I plan to do a run after work tomorrow. Thinking about whether I should just do an easy run or try something a bit harder to see how I might cope on Sunday. Any thoughts?

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I think it's too late to be doing ease right back maybe go do 15 mins tomorrow to warm and stretch the legs and then maybe do intervals on Sunday say 20 mins run then walk for two then repeat. You'll definitely have the fitness, but you might be a bit sore next week. Good luck :-)


I think I'd do an easy run tomorrow and maybe some gentle stretching between now and Sunday. Start off with a comfortable pace on Sunday and build up gradually and save a bit for a sprint finish :-) Aim to enjoy it and I reckon you'll surprise yourself.


Comfortable pace is right - I'd go a little bit slower than normal to start, then you'll find you settle into a steady pace (get 'in the zone'). Then you can keep going forever. I find the WORST thing is to count down the remaining distance. Much better to positively tick off the Ks. "I know I can do 5k" ... "I managed that 5k all right - I'm more than half way" ... "6k already? this is fine" ... "7k means I'm more than 2/3 done. Aren't I doing well" ... and so on.

Counting down makes it really drag on and on and on and ... (at least that's my experience). So be positive. You absolutely CAN do the distance.


I think it's perhaps a bit late to try something harder to see if you cope (you will, btw). I'd be inclined to just do your normal 5K to keep your legs limber. Agree with Malcy about not counting down but I checked my watch at every kilometre marker, just to check my pace. I was slightly surprised that the first one was under the magic 6mins/k, but it was, and as every one after that also was I began to feel at the 5K mark that a sub-hour time was 'on'. I suspect you may do the same. Enjoy.


Thanks folks. Did my local run but thought about pace as I was doing it. 6min/k is just about comfortable so will try to keep that up. Might be wishful thinking!


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