Struggling with the sunshine

My last 2 runs have involved bits of walking when I hadn't planned to walk, feeling defeated and knackered and Too Blooming Hot. Any advice for running in the heat? I'm not keen to get up at a ludicrous hour and can't manage without breakfast, so need time for food to go down. I'm a bit nervous about being a woman running on my own late in the evening (though perhaps this is paranoia?). What should I do?


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  • Take water, try and find shady routes and maybe try shorter runs. I've been really struggling with afternoon runs just recently complete with wondering if I could just no longer go the distance at all, but I went out this morning and although not early early so it was starting to get hot I did it.

    I've only just started going out with water and it really does seem to be making a difference and I've come to the realisation that if I want to run in the afternoon then I have to pick a shorter route of around 3.5k rather than 5k.

  • Thanks for the tips. Have been running with water but recently lost my easy-to-drink-from bottle and had to take a screw-top, which slows me down and makes me drink bigger gulps rather than little sips, because having a drink is a pain in the arse, not something I can do without thinking about it. Wonder if that hasn't helped.

    Have also been doing shady runs, but all my routes have hills (Derbyshire!), and I wonder if that's what's doing me in as they're also coincidentally the bits without shade!

    Anyway, had a lovely paddle in the river instead of the extra 3k I was hoping to nail this morning, so it's not all bad :)

  • I was tempted by the river Erewash today, it looked so inviting. I get to run a flat section in Derbyshire :D

    The bits in full sun do seem that much harder.

  • Have you tried early morning running? I always used to be slow to get out of bed, but on run days I can't wait. This morning it was cool and misty, hardly saw a sole and was back to carry on a normal weekend by the time I get up on a non run day. I reckon if you give it a go, you will be hooked. It is definitely the best time of day to go running.

  • Tried this morning but didn't manage to get out til 8 and by 20 to 9 it was already boiling. (Cut me some slack, am working ridiculous hours at the moment!)

  • Oh you made me homesick, I am from Derbyshire originally, there's not much flat land around, is there :) . No help to you I am afraid, I get up early in the morning, roll out of bed into my running clothes and set off. Breakfast when I get back.

  • Me too. North East Derbyshire. I can't run in the heat so I'm running early a couple of mornings a week, 0545, then breakfast and off to work. Couldn't do early this morning so am waiting until later when hopefully it will be cooler as I have 6 miles to do.

    If you can't do heat, early or late looks like the gym and a treadmill is the final option - or just cross train and wait for a cooler day.

  • Treadmill is very offputting. I think I'll just have to stop whinging and set the alarm a bit earlier. Thing is I'm a bit of a bag of bones (less so since starting to run - I am working on it!) and get really faint if I run without eating, but haven't worked out what I can eat straight before running that doesn't make me burp like a bullfrog once I get running!

  • "burp like a bullfrog" - your very own dawn chorus :-)

    Sorry can't help as I've not had this problem (yet).

    Maybe something smallish like half a slice of toast and jam or peanut butter would be ok. You could always take an energy drink with you or dilute some fruit juice if you're going to be out a while and your stomach can tolerate them or jelly beans/babies.

  • Hi

    I currently live in taiwan and it's around 35 degrees out here all the time so I run in that. I literally go out my door with soaking wet hair and a wet shirt on just so I stay cool and that's at 10pm. Yes I look foolish but it's me that's running not them. Perhaps try putting water on your hair it does help

  • In summer here ( Summer is Oct to April! :) ) , I always do training runs in the predawn light. Once the sun sticks it's head above the horizon , the direct heat of the sun is too hot for me to run in.

  • I go out in the evening, about 8.30 or even 9.30 pm if my dinner has not gone down. I run round the main roads. Lightish nights and plenty of peeps knocking about. I am in derbyshire too

  • Maybe I'll give that a go then. I normally run on single-track gated roads and fields/woods, where realistically the biggest threat is startling a cow, but I am just a bit jumpy and the boy doesn't think I should be out in the dark on my own wearing lycra!

  • Oh I go out in the dark in my bright pink or yellow top and don't give a rats. I figure if anyone jumped me they'd probably regret it! LOL All that Lycra!!!! It would be like trying to make overtures to a trampoline! Boing!

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