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Complete runner - they're great !

Soon after graduation day I ordered a t-shirt from the Complete-runner link. I had a dispatch email the following day so waited excitedly for a few days.. no t-shirt.. :-(.

Contacted them only to find that I had failed to enter my houae number - doh!

The post office returned the t-shirt to them and they reposted it to me at no extra cost.

It's now arrived and it's great :-)

Was very impressed with their understanding and great service.

I know what I'll be wearing on my next run :-) :-)

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Doh! Oh well Angel you have it in your mitts now. Is it pink by any chance?


Erm.. yes!!! :-) :-):-) :-)


Wear it with pride.


Oops ;) Well done Complete Runner.


Glad you've got it now! On the other hand, they had your email address so could have let you know there was a problem...

Still, all's well.


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