Sore Feet

I am a 27 year old guy and am just under 21st. I carry my weight well and don't really have as many issues as some one else my weight would normally have! It's mostly on belly, chest and face! My arms and legs are pretty normaly.

Anyway, to the point, I would like to start running and have tried a few times, but I get this pain in my feet that is unbearable. I am not out of breath or anything! It goes from my small toe right up to my heel and even walking is painful.

I have tried various types of trainer and it is still happening!

(Also spoke to a friend who is a personal trainer and says she doesn't think it is linked to my weight)

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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11 Replies

  • You say you've tried different types of trainer, have you ever had gait analysis done? They look at the way your foot moves when you run and that determines what shoes you need. If you've got the right shoes perhaps you could go to your GP to discuss the problem given you clearly want to get fit I'd hope they'd be supportive enough to find out what's going wrong. Hope you can get it sorted!

  • I have a friend who is about your weight . I suggest that, at this time, you do not think too much about running. Brisk walking will be a lot less stressful on your feet and will still be highly beneficial. Start walking - and continue it until you can easily walk 5K, then start timing yourself - when you can do 5K in around 45 minutes, you will be ready to start C25K.

  • 45 minutes is my 5k running PB after 2 years. The poor man might never start....

  • Well, in that case, it wouldn't matter - because walking 5K in 45 minutes is quite a feat and achievement. BUT - it is an achievement that even somebody who is carrying some weight can achieve - whereas , to be brutally honest, that same thing doesn't really apply very well to running

  • Walking is a great introduction to running, and that's what I did. I borrowed my neighbours dog and hit the trails. I did that for a year before I started running, combining that with losing weight. Losing weight really helps with the running and your feet! I had terrible feet when I was overweight but now I've lost a lot of weight they are 100% better. It's all the weight on the soles of your feet. It's not surprising we have trouble with them

    If you do decide to have a bash at running, you need the right shoes of course, just go slowly and see how you get on.

  • Good shoes, as others have said (that means different things to different people, I need minimalist or I can't feel what I am doing)... but also consider better surfaces, a woodland path is a very different experience from slamming pavements. You don't say whether you've started C25K, which is excellent (apart from the bit about hitting the ground heel first, which may have been changed now?)

    I hear what others are saying about trying just walking first and I suppose in a way that is what I did but I will share my experience of starting C25K running precisely because sustaining brisk walking was too painful for me. It still is - I find running looser and more comfortable. My feet and legs hurt *less* than they did before I started running (they still hurt but that's underlying health problems)

  • I have bad feet through near e damage with diabities,but I just carried on and my bones in my feet and tackles feel quite strong,although I have only done week 1 ,I will do week 1 again next week as well,I am 18stone and 64 so its a huge effort for me.if I were you I would seek medical advice,and if there's no apparent reason persivire,take a look at how you are running,it maybe you need to change that.try a fast walk and see if that's better .

  • Are you attempting to do week 1 run 1 of the c25k program, or just starting to run under your own steam? If it is the latter then I suggest that you start with the program. I am very overweight and started with walking 3 times a week for 20 - 30 mins for 2 months before I progressed to the first W1R1. It is very gently graduated to help ease your body into motion. If you can't manage the 1min run then run for 30 secs and build up gradually and without pain.

  • Sounds like what others have described as flat feet or collapsed arches. You will need shoes, or shoe inserts, to sort that. The gait analysis expert at the shop might be able to diagnose and fit you with something to imrove the situation. Or, Call your doctor.

  • Thanks everyone, I'll take everything on board!

    Apart from trying different trainers I've not seen drs or anything so will definitely go!

    Not started C25K but will be working towards that! Not going to rush!

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Malky, good luck to you for getting off the couch . Just take it nice and steady, walking at first is fine. Please keep posting, would be good to hear of your progress. :-) xxx

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