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I tried and my knees SCREAMED :(

I think Im going to have to pass on knees screamed at me today. I decided to go back to week 1 as I had completed that week.

My knees wouldnt let me :(

3 seconds into the 1st jog they were screaming...on the inner sides if you know where I mean....

So I stopped as my knees were not going to let me. I tried again on the next jog - nope. Same situation.

Maybe running is just too high impact for Im going to my GP to see and back to the cross trainer on the gym for a while. Thanks all for your support but I think I need to leave it just for now.

Not happy but not prepared to lose my knees lol...back to the gym to shift some weight and then try again

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Really sorry to hear that :( - but get it checked out and you may be back. Google questions on knee pain, you never know, you may find the answer. Good luck :)


Oh that sounds very painful. Hopefully your GP can help and once you've had plenty of rest you may be able to try again. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)


If you are comfortable on the cross trainer then you could still carry on with Laura on it just set yourself a walk pace and a run pace. That could get you fitter for when your knees are sorted. I had a year of dog walking (slowly but building up to 5k in 80min) before I dared to run.


Hi yes the cross trainer is fine....I will continue with that until i get these knees sorted


Thanks everyone - really gutted cos I was really enjoying it!


I have problem knees as well and although you are going to stay away from the running it may be an idea to look into the problem.

I think unless you are lucky the GP's tend to palm you off with pain killers etc.

Someone on here pasted a link to the BUPA website who have a sports injury section that I found really useful in pointing you in the right direction for your particular problem. With the knees it tells you the possible problem if you have pain in the side, front back etc. and suggested course of action.

My experience over the years is make sure you are drinking enough water as it is really important.

Do some strengthening exercises as this helps the muscles support the weight and relieve the pressure on the joints.

Glucosamine, Chondroitine and Hyalaronic acid plus many more natural helpers are worth research.

Finally keep stretching after any exercise as often the muscles go really tight and the pain increases more than you would imagine.

Take care and good luck and hope to see you back soon :)


Hi ezmee, just saw your blog a little late. I'm so sorry you're having to stop this for now. You were so positive and enthusiastic. I bet you find a solution. Look forward to seeing you back here. Good luck.


thanks!Im not giving up!


Hi Ezmee,

this is my first post on here (a little shy, sorry) I have completed the couch to 5K, well say completed I have been jogging for 30minutes for the last four weeks but havent yet made the 5K - It has taken longer than the 9 weeks - I purchased a treadmill second hand 12 months ago then sufferred migraines 8+ monthly and had to stop but all under control with medication now thankfully and determined to complete the app, so here I am :-) to the knees, I saw a physio Monday as for the last 3 weeks I've had really sore knees, I didnt want to just turn up at the GP without exploring other options first and be handed the usual pain killers, he explained that I had inflammation behind my knee cap and the tracking was out, & as I had chubby knees (lol - charming) he couldnt quite feel if there was fluid but he advised me to abstein from any excercise for 1 week then go back to the start of the app and and see how I get on - I have since googled this and come up with chondromalacia, it describes my knees perfectly! less the chubby-ness :-) obviously!

...good news, its not a permanent thing I hope as I have loved this app and alongside a diet club so far have lost 1.5stone and tell everyone about sorry to have hijacked your post and quite a lengthy answer for my first post -

Hope you get sorted too :-)


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