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Struggling with a sore knee

Hi I am new . I have completed week 3 but I am struggling now. I having problems with my knee and although I’ve completed week 3 don’t no if ll be able to continue.

I am 58 and never been into fitness but I wanted to get fitter and feel better. I’ve no health condition but I am over weight. I want to continue but this sore knee is a concern

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I think you should see your doctor. It’s definitely in your interests to keep active and if your knee is holding you back maybe the doctor will advise you to get some physio or a knee support or something to help you get back out there.

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Knee pain is common with new runners, dont try and run through any pain,you need to restup and hopefully the soreness will fade away in the coming days,ibuprofen may help..

Make sure your running shoes have good cushioning..

Check out the link, some great info for newbies there..


Thanks for advice .i am going to invest in a good pair of running shoes. The ones I have are well cushioned trainers but they are not a true running shoe.

I’m going to rest for a couple of days and see how things go. It’s a set back but I want to continue



I could have written your post - I'm same age, overweight, new to excercise and have been having knee problems all along. I had to stop after week 4, rested for 2 weeks, then re-ran week 4 and now I've just completed week 5 (and truly amazed the 3rd run of 20 mins went ok). But knee is sore again and the advice I see from this forum is to try knee strengthening excercises, which I will start tomorrow:

But if any doubt, the parallel advice I see frequently on C25K is to get it checked out by the doc. I hope we both get over this, because apart from the knee issue, I'm beginning to feel real improvement in my fitness.

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing your journey. I have been reading other people’s experiences and i have found it all very informative and encouraging . I have been doing weights and strenghing excercises for the past 4 weeks along side running 3 times a week and I thought I may have over done things a bit. I am not going to give up. I am going to rest it for a few days and see how I go. This is a set back but I’m determined to continue .


Well I’m pleased to say 2 days rest and things have improved. Just completed 1st run of week 4. I took the good advice and ran slower and managed to complete so I’m pleased.


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