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Anybody still using "Zombie Run"?


or is it just a fad that dies with usage?

I am just about to start out on a running programme over the next 8 weeks which will have me doing 24 non-stop runs of 30 -45 minutes duration. Because these are all non-stop runs, I am thinking that I could use the Zombies Run App ( which I bought but have never used) to basically try to make these non-stop runs a little more "interesting".

Nobody has mentioned Zombies Run for some time so was wondering if anybody has any suggestions/hints. I did start the App up once or twice -- but my first thoughts were that , like a lot of other Apps, it is not very easy to understand how to use it or what I am supposed to do.

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I am still using it, but not been on a zombie run in a while simply because I need to add more music to my phone (sick of the current playlist) and I don't currently have a working laptop.

You do get involved in the story. You don't really need to bother with building your base you can just do the runs.


I must admit the story is good and it does a nice job of distracting you, I've not used it a lot mainly because my runs have not been the right length, I have turned the zombie chases off in favour of my own interval training when I need it :)


I use it. I also have the hordes turned off, I like the distraction and the story, something more interesting than just music during runs. I'm running further non-stop now so sometimes I listen to two episodes back to back.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the distance measurement seems to be pretty rubbish. I use my Garmin forerunner on all my runs and the app is totally inconsistent.

Up shot? Story, not stats! For me anyway.


I use it for most of my runs and have done the full story (series 1 & 2) at least 3 times! I like the distraction and the interruption to my music playlist. I've done runs without headphones, with just music and with just (spoken) podcasts and the Zombie Run combination suits me best.

Unlike Spoonie though my Base is immense ;-)

I use it for just about every run. I find it easy to use. Just download all the story missions and play them in order. You can set it for a half hour or an hour. You set your own playlist as well so it plays your music in between the 'story'. It also tracks your progress - you can set it to GPS if you're outside and it will tell you at regular intervals how far you've gone and in how many minutes. You need to fiddle about a bit with it but I've found it's the best podcast out there - it keeps me interested enough to run for 30 minutes. You can also set it to 'zombies chase' where you have to up your pace by 10% or zombies 'catch' you. I've used it on a treadmill as well - set it to accelorometer and it should measure your footfalls etc. Great little app.

I'm with you in the 'bought but never used' corner, Bazza. In part because I don't really run with headphones - I don't mind audiobooks but find music a distraction. I thought ZR would be a good accompaniment, but I also did not find it immediately obvious what I was supposed to being doing with it. I do know people who use it all the time and rave about it though so it is clearly me at fault. Must give it a try.

Woke up with a raging sore throat after very bad night of children having nightmares, beds needing changed etc so I am feeling more like I should be one of the Zombies rather than the chased.


ummm...without wanting to sound like a newbie...what is Zombie Run?

in reply to Peter_B

It is an app for mobile devices/smartphones. It tells the story of zombies invading, and in various ways encourages you to run faster (as in intervals) or longer so they dont catch you. A variation on the same sort of in-ear motivational/distraction support provided by Laura, or the technical running apps and gadgets.

Is there a way, or a reason, for you zombie runners to 'friend' each other in the app and therefore 'compete' to keep farthest ahead of the zombies?

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