Hi everyone! I did my graduation run Sunday afternoon, and it went pretty well -- I ran the 30 minutes plus a bit extra. Since then, I've moved to a new area to start working (I just got out of grad school) and this morning I went for my first post-graduation run. I usually run on the treadmill, but I thought that running outside would be a good way to explore my new neighborhood. I ran for 21 minutes, which felt pretty good considering that the last time I ran outside I struggled to do a week 4 run. My new goal will be to build up to 30 minutes running outside, and also to figure out how to fit my running schedule into my work schedule.

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  • Congratulations on graduating Em and on taking your running outside. It's a very different experience to the gym isn't it? Good luck for the next steps in your running adventure, outside and inside. ;)

  • Congratulations on your graduation :o) Good luck with your future running ventures and good luck in your new job ;o)

  • Congrats on the graduation. I wish you well in the new job and future runnings.

    Well done you!!!! Twice!!!

  • Congrats on your graduations and the new job! And the new outdoorsiness. Such a lot of wonderful changes for you!

  • Well done. The adventure starts here. Good luck

  • Congratulations! The fun really does start now, especially with a new area to discover! :-)

  • Well done on your graduation :) good luck with new job, new area and running outside :)

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