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Week 5 Run 2 done!

Well today's run was still accompanied by my toothache (impact of hitting the floor with my right foot made it worse) and a very annoying gremlin! At what point have people managed to get rid of their gremlins?

Really struggled with today, just didn't seem to able to breathe properly. Definitely would not have got through it without my inhaler!

Crazy what a huge difference an extra 3 minutes can make! Although I hated Laura for telling me I was only half way through.

Now for the dreaded Run 3 on Thursday. Can anyone tell me at what point Laura tells you how far through you are?

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RainbowPixie well done!!! Wiser men and women than me have said it's a journey, not a race at this stage. Perhaps you need to slow down a bit? Someone told me a few days ago that we should run at a pace which we can comfortably sustain. So if you need to slow it down a bit then so be it in order to build up your fitness levels and those leg muscles.

As for the gremlins, I find the first 5 minutes the worse. But I have a big lazy streak in me which doesn't help, lol.

And I sooo feel for you on the toothache issue, poor you <3 Get to the dentist x


If I went any slower I think I would be going backwards! I have asthma and it has always caused problems when I'm exercising. It just feels like that my lungs won't let me breathe in as deep as I need to so i'm not getting enough air.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and got some antibiotics. Not much more they can do at this stage as I already know I need a root canal but need to be put to sleep for it but there's a long waiting list for it. I booked it about 2 months ago but the appointment isn't until the end of August.

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I'd also like to know what Laura says to us during this run. I'm not in a place where I can do a circuit, I have to turn round halfway and go back, so it would be useful to know how far I've got.... anyone?


Hi, I don't know if you have already done W5R3 now. I've just come back from it and Laura tells you when you have done 5, 10, 15 and 18 minutes.


Thanks RP that's really helpful, I'm planning my W5R3 tomorrow. Congratulations on getting this far x


Gremlins get their strength from the fear before hand.

Just relax and try to focus on something really exciting.

Happy running


Libertinet I will be sending positive energy to you tomorrow! Hope that tooth settles down though x


I got some antibiotics from the dentist, it does still hurt a little but nowhere near as much as it did before.


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