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Triathlon- Anyone good at Maths problems?

So the training is underway for Dozzer's triathlon. The bike has been dusted off and a new cossie purchased. So far so good but I have technical questions .......

I could never work out those Maths problems at school so answers please to the following;

If I can run four times as far as I can swim in thirty minutes, but bike three times as far as I can run

a) how long do I allow for changing and blow drying my hair?

b) do I have to wear the cycle helmet whilst running?

c) wouldn't it just be quicker to take the bus?

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a) wear a swimming hat, get Aunty Poppypug to crochet you one.

b) if you are touching your bike your helmet must be on and done up or you will be disqualified, so long as you don't carry your bike while running you should be OK with not wearing one, but if the mood takes you and it matches your running kit then why not?

c) depends on whether the bus is going the right way, how many changes there are and how long you have to wait for the next one if 3 turn up at once.

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A) don't change and leave hair wet

B) leave off as this will assist in drying your hair

C) yes

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LOL I think Paul is having a 'wet t shirt ' moment !!


Right, I can help here....

a) Selecting clothes, trying them on and 'modeling' them ~ at least an hour. Hair? What's that?

b)Helmet when running ~ only if you are intending to pop into your local branch of Evans (the cycle shop, not the clothes shop - all the clothes in their would be WAY to big for you) to test ride a new bike.

c) Take the bus...? No way, you, young lady, deserve a limo!


Ah, how well you understand my dilemmas, Sallycycle!


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